Santé Goes Global: Get to Know Santé Markets

Santé Goes Global Get to Know Santé Markets

What do you need to know about the Santé global markets?

  1. Santé Philippines
  2. The Role of Technology
  3. Santé International
  4. Santé Expansion

The health benefits of Santé Barley grass are being experienced by families worldwide, providing them their daily dose of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and so much more. Other than that, it is also guaranteed to be meticuluously cultivated and harvested organically in New Zealand. Because of these, Santé has become a trusted and reliable brand not just in the Philippines, but in other countries as well. Keep on reading to know more about the Santé global markets.

Santé Philippines

With the current health crisis out there, the demand for products rich in vitamins and nutrients have been increasing now more than ever. Santé provides a vast array of options for the whole family to ensure a healthy lifestyle—from Santé Barley capsules, Choco Barley, FitN’Trim, and more.

Joey Marcelo, the president and chief executive officer of Santé International shared that he prioritized the health and wellness of his employees, stakeholders, partners, and customers ever since the pandemic started. Employees continued their jobs on a work-from-home setup and received a continued salary. This way, Filipinos continued to enjoy the benefits of barley grass. Even during these tough times, the Philippines still remains its biggest market.

Santé’s global headquarters is located in Quezon City, Philippines. But two offices are currently being built in Cavite and the Ortigas Center Business District. These will be known as the Santé South and The Galleon.

The Role of Technology

The Role of Technology

What made Santé survive and become successful during the pandemic is the word ‘pivot’. By thinking fast and going out of their comfort zone, they were able to quickly adapt to the new ways to do their business effectively.

Technology has been a huge stepping zone in making Santé products available to their market. With Filipinos embracing the power of e-commerce, Santé also decided to make the leap. This way, they were able to secure their distributor’s livelihood and continue providing health supplements to their customers during these tough times.

During their pivot towards digitalization, Santé ensured their online system works and customer service representatives were available. The top management, global teams, and distributors used Zoom to communicate. They managed to protect the health of these people while still continuing the business operations.

Santé International

The Santé Barley brand was born in 2007. It was first launched in the Philippines but has expanded globally as time went by. The organic barley grass is harvested in a farm in New Zealand certified by Biogro, their best-known certifier for organic produce. The farms are inspected annually to ensure compliance with organic laws.

More and more customers outside the country have enjoyed the health transformation provided by barley grass. Currently, there are offices located in Cyprus, Nigeria, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

Santé Expansion

Santé Expansion

Santé continues to find new ways to expand its services and markets. In terms of going digital, they have developed smartphone applications to make it easier for Santé retailers and business owners to find what they need. The My Santé Store App is an e-commerce platform that can be used to order products, track orders, and limit face-to-face contact. This is available in iOs and Android devices.

With the commitment to help people live more and do more, Santé also plans to expand its operations to other countries such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. During these times when health is the priority, more people will benefit from the healthy properties of Santé Barley.

Key Takeaway

Santé continues to find new ways to deliver their products to more markets, so more people can live more and do more. With its main headquarters in the Philippines, the company plans to expand to new markets globally.

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