How to Become a Global Branch Operator

Become a Santé Global Branch Operator for your Home Country.


“Branch Operator” means a legitimate and active member of the company authorized to exclusively distribute the Company’s products and kits. It provides service to all distributors and Franchise distributors regardless of group affiliations.

All applicants will need to go through the comprehensive screening & selection process per the attached link below. The whole process i.e. application to eventual appointment & training of the successful branch applicant, is explained in detail with corresponding timelines.


Aspiring Global Branch Operator applicants will be evaluated along four key attributes namely: Business Acumen, Functional Competency / Skill set, Financial capability, and Character. The applicant will need to establish that he/she/they is/are the most suitable partner to operate a non-company owned / operated Sante branch in a given International territory. In line with this, the shortlisted applicants will be required to present their business plan to a Sante Panel Interview body made up of the Board of Directors and key executives in order to establish the best suited / qualified applicant.

The detailed requirements and evidences of the above mentioned attributes will be discussed during the briefing of the shortlisted Branch Operator applicants before the Panel interview.

Just like any worthwhile business endeavor, a Global Branch Operator business will require a great deal of effort, time, and commitment for it to be financially rewarding and fulfilling for both applicant and the company. Thus, let us partner with you by providing the guidance, training, development, and expertise in setting up and operating a profitable branch operation in your territory.


A legitimate and active member of the company authorized to exclusively distribute the Company’s products and provides services to all Sante Business owners and Franchisees regardless of group affiliations, in a specific territory outside the Philippines. A Global Branch Operator is also granted the license to conduct activities following the Sante International System and Trademarks.

  • Ambitious, self-propelled, and has an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Can prepare a business plan based on the business landscape of the market
  • General business management skill set / competencies
  • Willing to undergo training on Branch operations and Network Development;
  • Financially capable to fund the investment requirement
  • Capable and willing to devote time to oversee the day-to-day operation of Branch;
  • Previous or current experience in Network development is preferred
  • Must be willing to work and comply with Santé Branch Operatorship system and standards
  • Very good character

As a point of reference, the minimum initial product order quantity is USD: 40,000.00 but this shall be subject to review depending on the market size and potential. Moreover, capital expenditure on Branch construction / improvement and retro-fitting, where applicable, plus monthly operating expenses must also be considered when determining the amount of money required to operate a Sante Global branch.

  • Product Inventory / Working capital
  • Operating Expenses (Monthly Rent, Utilities, Salaries of staff, etc)
  • Capital Expenditures (Office Construction/Renovation, Signages/Decals, etc.)
  • Marketing Expenses (Promotion/Advertising)

All pre-operating expenses shall be for the account of the Branch Operator, such as but not limited to: rent and other necessary administrative expenses, utilities and all other costs incurred during the construction/renovation of the Branch Office.

  • Exclusive Distributorship of Sante products to country territory
  • Potential to serve Retail channel of trade within the territory on top of direct selling channel of trade
  • Profitable business from a strong product offering and proven business system
  • Branch Discount on products, sales tools, items and collaterals
  • Performance based Sales incentives on top of branch discount

From the submission of Branch application to the Branch opening, typically and on average, the entire process can take as little as six months to over a year. The timeline varies depending on approval and release of local regulatory permits and product licenses. It will also depend on the pace of construction/renovation, provision of Branch equipment & utilities, the schedule of training of the Branch, deployment of Santé systems and other pre-operational setup.

  • Marketing Support – Collaterals, templates & Layouts
  • Performance based Sales Volume Incentives
  • Commission Disbursement
  • Shipment/Freight fees/charges
  • Training & Mentoring

Yes, you will need a physical store for storage of your products and a venue to help the Sante business grow. Though currently, most of the activities are being done virtually, some customers still prefer to visit the Branch to personally purchase the products. The country or local government unit’s minimum standard health guidelines and protocols for operating a business should be observed.

The profitability of the Branch will highly depend on several factors such as: growing a consumer base of customers AND network building activities, sales & promotions initiatives within and outside the branch , market penetration, and the ability of the Branch to diligently control its operating expenses – Monitoring ever changing consumer behavior and attitudes / trends while managing the expenses. Other factors on financial viability will be discussed during the course of application. Another key is to satisfy your customers’ needs in the Branch. Recruit and develop customer-focused Branch personnel that can effectively communicate and relate with the clients and business owners in a way to help meet your Sales goals and targets.

The floor area required for a Branch will depend on several factors which includes but is not limited to the following: Market size and potential, channel of Trade (Direct selling and/or Retail) business model that will be utilized in the market / territory, commercial space rental costs and suitability, etc. The company will provide the guidance on the ideal site selection, configuration, and aesthetic and functional layout.

Santé will lead the training and on boarding of the staff and management team of the Branch Operations, Network Development, Systems Training, Marketing and Branding, Customer Service, among others.

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