6 Top Santé Gift Ideas for Mother's Month

6 Top Santé Gift Ideas for Mother’s Month


What are the Santé gift ideas for Mother’s Month?

  1. Santé Pure Barley
  2. Daily-C
  3. Santé Fusion Coffee
  4. Soleil Marula Facial Oil
  5. C’est Bon Premium Anti-Aging Soap
  6. Moments Anion Napkin and Pantyliner


From the moment you were conceived, your mother has done her best for your well-being. Whether it’s taking you to your first school day, cooking your meals daily, keeping you company when you’re sad, or giving you advice as an adult—being a mom is a full-time job. But even though that is the case, they manage to juggle everything without muttering a complaint. They’ve given so much–that’s why this Mother’s month, it’s time to give back! And what better way to give back by gifting them with sweet treats for their health. Here’s a list of Santé gift ideas we have in store, that’s perfect for your superwoman:


Santé Pure Barley


As the superwoman in your life, your mom also gets tired at the end of the day. Given their age, their energy isn’t what it once was. But to take care of their families, they push through their limits and juggle their careers, business, and chores. To help them live more and do more, the best gift you can give them is health.

Because Santé Pure Barley is grown and manufactured in New Zealand’s organic farms, you’re guaranteed that it’s free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Instead, it will boost your mom’s energy, strengthen her immune system, reduce her bad cholesterol, and normalize her blood sugar levels. It also has cancer-fighting properties! It is available in capsule, sachet, and canister form.



Is your mom acidic? If she is, then she might have trouble digesting vitamin C capsules available in the market. With lack of sleep, stress, and an unbalanced diet, her immune system might be compromised. And with all the viruses and bacteria in the environment, you wouldn’t want her to catch infections!

For this reason, Santé Daily-C is one of the products you should include in your gift pack. Because it contains Sodium Ascorbate, a non-acidic form of vitamin C, they can take it with or without food. Other than being an immune booster, it is also a potent antioxidant! This helps them protect memory and thinking as they age.


Santé Fusion Coffee

Happy asian couple drinking coffee together in bedroom.

One of the simplest but sweetest things your mom can do for you is to make you a cup of coffee. Whether you’re studying for an important exam, staying up late to work, or just need a friend to talk to, this small act of kindness is often overlooked and forgotten. But now that it’s mother’s day, it’s your turn to treat your mom with this caffeinated beverage!

But unlike ordinary coffee, Santé Fusion Coffee is a healthier alternative. Aside from the Robusta beans, it contains Santé Pure Barley Grass in every cup. Besides improving your mom’s mental alertness, it also contains nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and various antioxidants.


Soleil Marula Facial Oil

Once your mom’s dietary needs are taken care of, you can now proceed with skincare items that can boost their complexion. This way, they can feel healthy inside and out. Santé’s Soleil Marula Facial Oil is made with all-natural ingredients such as marula and barley extract so your mom can expect antioxidant, anti-acne, and anti-aging benefits!

As a multipurpose skincare product, marula oil can be used alone or combined with other creams. It can function as a facial oil, moisturizer, and make-up primer. It is also gentle and lightweight enough for all skin types! No matter their age, they can feel youthful with this special gift from you.


C’est Bon Premium Anti-Aging Soap

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Aside from your mom’s face, the skincare benefits of Santé’s Pure Barley Grass can also be experienced on the body. Because it contains papaya extract, it can also help lighten their skin and return their youthful glow. The compounds in this fruit also help remove dead skin cells, prevent acne, and minimize the appearance of scars. That way, they can achieve clear and clean skin!

C’est Bon also contains goat’s milk which is gentle but effective in retaining moisture in the skin. It provides vitamin A that helps in maintaining skin elasticity and regenerating skin cells. If you tell your mom all these benefits, they would surely enjoy using it every day!

Moments Anion Napkin and Pantyliner

As a woman, your mother has certain bodily functions that they need to take care of monthly. As their child, helping them through this regularly-occurring ordeal would be a sweet and helpful move. Aside from being extra-understanding during these few days, don’t be shy to gift them with the supplies they need!

Different from your usual women’s-only toiletries, the Santé Moments Anion Napkin and Pantyliner are made with an anion fiber core and FAR Infrared. This can improve blood circulation and maintain natural pH. With strong absorbing capacity and maximum leak protection, it gives your mom peace of mind during their special days.


Key Takeaway

The gift ideas above are the ideal choices for the superwomen who show us that they can do it all. Since they also have special needs and get tired from time to time, why not give them the gift of health this mother’s month. Looking for more options? You can check out more of Santé’s health and wellness products!

If you’re interested in these Santé gift ideas for Mother’s Month, you can contact a Santé Business Owner near you or check out the online shop!