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Be C-GURADO Every Day at Alert Level 2

Be C-GURADO Every Day at Alert Level 2

How Santé’s Daily-C Plus can provide a doubled-up protection for you and your family

Pasig City, Philippines – [November XX, 2021] – With millions of individuals fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the number of cases logged every day by the Department of Health (DOH) continues to drop. And everything is slowly going back to normal.

With Metro Manila’s Alert Level 2 quarantine classification, restrictions are loosened. This allows more people, including kids, to visit public places, such as malls and parks, and have large social gatherings. However, as we continue to live in the new normal, people must be C-gurado as the virus still exists.

Amid these uncertain times, it is still essential to always keep our health in check with sufficient vitamins and nutrients for doubled-up protection against the invisible enemy even if we’re wearing masks outside and completely getting vaccinated.

Hygiene and health must start at home. And, while no supplements can directly cure COVID-19, taking vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Zinc can help provide adequate nutrition to double up one’s immunity, lessening severe symptoms.

Benefits of Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost one’s immune system

Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin to take in the new normal. Since it provides added protection, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), this vitamin is vital to maintaining your health.

Vitamin C also assists a person’s immune system combat sicknesses, making it significant to include this new normal in your diet. In addition, in a foreign study, the severity of colds was reduced by regular Vitamin C intake.

Other than that, as an essential medicine, it can assist in faster wound healing and minimize the risks of having long-term illnesses like cancer.

Another winning supplement to increase our immune functions is Zinc, a mineral that may have antiviral activity. According to a study, this mineral improves immune cell function that counters viral infections or may reduce the ability of viruses to multiply.

Another study found out that Zinc may not prevent colds, but evidence proves that it plays an essential function in shortening cold symptoms.

No wonder why Vitamin C and Zinc are necessary to be taken in this new normal. It’s because of the powerful benefits of these supplements to people’s immune systems.

Doubled-up protection with Santé’s Daily-C Plus

While certain foods can be good sources of these vitamins and minerals, some people have difficulties including them in their daily diet.

To help you get an extra dose of vitamins, Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider, gives you the new and improved Daily-C Plus for doubled-up protection so we can live beyond the limits, confidently care for our family, and ourselves.

“Because of the health scares brought by 2020, everyone must improve their daily health care and lifestyle. The new and improved Daily-C Plus is our way of helping everyone so they become more C-GURADO even amid these uncertain times,” said Joey Marcelo, CEO of Santé.

Daily-C Plus is the doubled-up version of Daily-C, which helps the immune system and decreases Vitamin C deficiency. It also aids in enhancing iron absorption, collagen formation, and wound healing in our bodies.

Packed with non-acidic sodium ascorbate fortified with Zinc, it provides an extra level of protection to you and your family while being gentler on the stomach and safe for daily consumption. It comes in a 500mg natural vegetable capsule, so it’s like eating your greens with just a pill.

“Because of uncertainties at times like this, I always make sure to put effort and work so my future, family, and health are protected. And because I’m a certified C-gurista, the best way to guard me and my loved ones from sickness is with the doubled-up protection of Daily-C Plus,” said Catriona Gray, ambassador of Daily-C Plus.

So, if you are a certified C-gurista, be sure to double up your protection with Santé’s Daily-C Plus and be C-GURADO to face each day in this new normal.

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