My Sante Partner Site Benefits


The Santé Partner Site is finally here! As a Business Owner, one might ask – What’s in it for me? Why do I have to get my own partner site? Do I have to?

And yes, you absolutely have to!

But first, get verified!

Only verified Santé Business Partners will be enlisted in the My Partner site. So before setting up your My Santé Partner site, make sure you get verified as a Santé Business Partner with these simple steps below:

  1. Go to then click on the ENGAGE section
  2. Log in your username and password.
  3. Go to Profile
  4. Click on VERIFY
  5. You will receive an email notification to confirm if you are a Verified Santé Business Owner

Now, you can set up your own Sante Partner Site!

Click on this video to watch the step-by-step process on setting up your my Sante Partner Site account:

Or check out these steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account – Business Owner Login and enter your username and password to LOG-IN
  3. Click My Business – Sante Engage
  4. Click on your profile photo then Profile. Click on Update below your address/location
  5. Please make sure your mobile number and email address are updated
  6. Input your address the same way you search in Google Maps
  7. Update the Exact Street Address to reflect your exact Unit No / Building / Street, etc. Click UPDATE
  8. Click on your profile photo then Profile
  9. Click the button MY SANTE SITE
  10. Input your Facebook URL then click SAVE
  11. Click on your profile photo then Profile
  12. Click the button IDENTITY VERIFICATION
  13. Select the Type of ID you will be uploading
  14. Click on the first image to upload your ID
  15. Click on the second image to upload your selfie holding your ID
  17. Wait for CX to verify the photos you uploaded. Once verified, your partner site will be activated.

With the Santé Partner Site, you have the following advantages:

  1. One page. All-access. Your My Santé Partner Site is a one-stop page for all your Santé-related business transactions—and you own this page! My Santé Partner Site serves as your public personalized website that can help you manage your business and answer queries at your fingertips.
    Guests will be able to access your contact details readily available for queries on the business and on the products.On your homepage, you, as a Santé Business Owner will also have easy access on Office. Simply log in your details, and you gain access to your back office to replenish your inventory, check on your organization’s growth, monitor your Santé Dream Quest points and incentives, level-up your game with leadership trainings through Santé Engage, and so much more!
  2. Turn Guests to Business Owners. By clicking on either Inquire or Become a Business Partner button, a prospect may join your growing network of Santé Business Owners. Through the Inquire button, a Santé shopper can finally make the most of their Santé experience online by connecting to a Santé Business Owner.
  3. Chat with guests directly. Communicate with guests directly on Facebook Messenger via the Messenger icon you will see on the lower right side of your Santé Partner site. Their messages will slide into the Message Requests folder under the Facebook profile you are logged-in on. Having this channel for direct communication gives you an opportunity to cultivate a relationship with guests to be part of your growing network.
  4. Promote your own Website. Having your own Santé Partner Site is having your own store to welcome interested customers who could potentially be one of your networks of business owners. If they sign up via your website, they get to be part of your team!

And who knows–soon we may be working on facilitating you to sell products directly to guests via the site so that you get retail profits/commissions from it—so stay tuned!

Indeed, with Santé, anyone is pushed to LIVE MORE. DO MORE.