The Green Light is On! – Santé celebrates 14 years of helping people Live more, Do more

The Green Light is On!

The Green Light is On! – Santé celebrates 14 years of helping people Live more, Do more

Pasig City, Philippines – [November 15, 2021] – “Green light! “More than being a well-known children’s game with many versions across the globe, this phrase became even more popular because of the hit Korean drama series “Squid Game.”

While the k-drama series made some strange twist to this game, this time, Santé, a provider of premier organic health and wellness products and services, puts a more positive meaning to it. As it celebrates its 14th anniversary, the company’s mantra is lifted from the infamous phrase, emphasizing that there is only the green light for the whole Santé family, where everybody can be a winner, prosper, and thrive together.

“When we founded Santé in 2007, our goal was to help people live better lives and bring out the best in every person. Unlike the k-drama series, where only one can win, we have since strived to help everyone become a winner in life now and in the future,” said Paul Caluag, Managing Director for Philippine Operations.

He also compared how the series and Santé provide a foreshadowing of the future. While the series gave a hint at the beginning of the characters’ terrible fate, Santé provides everyone “a glimpse of what you can achieve in life” through the company with its successful distributors and business owners’ accomplishments.

Kuya Kim Atienza’s 12 years with Santé

Among those who have witnessed and played a big part in Santé’s 14 thriving years is Kuya Kim Atienza, who recently renewed his contract as its brand ambassador.

Besides being an all-around host, a weather and trivia man, and one of the most favorite household names in television and new media, Kuya Kim is also a dedicated health and wellness advocate. After suffering from a stroke in 2010 and recovering from Guillain-Barré Syndrome in 2013, he saw this as an opportunity to lead a better, healthier life and strengthen his immune system to avoid it from happening in the future.

Kuya Kim then became an endorser for Santé and started taking its products, especially Santé Barley™, its flagship product. It consists of pure organic barley grass certified by BioGro, a leading organic agency in New Zealand. It also has effective antioxidants and is rich in vitamins and minerals that help detoxify the body and assist in digestive health. With zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, and carotenoids, Santé Barley™ helps strengthen the body and aids in providing the immune system an added push.

Kuya Kim may have made a big move in his career as he welcomes a new chapter as part of GMA Network’s News and Public Affairs, but he said that the one constant thing in his life is Santé.

“It’s been 12 years since I’ve been with Santé as their face and spokesperson in social media, TV, and other platforms. In those years, Santé has also been a part of my life and family. That’s why whatever network I’m in, the one constant thing in my life would be Santé, and I will always be with Santé. I look forward to more years of this partnership,” Kuya Kim said.

He also added that even if the COVID-19 cases are going down, it’s still vital to keep everyone’s immune system strong and healthy. And the best way to do that is to drink Santé Barley ™. “Coupled with good exercise and diet, the more we drink Santé Barley ™, the better we can strengthen our immune system in this new normal,” he said.

Redefining the meaning of SQUID

As Santé CEO Joey Marcelo expressed his excitement for the company’s future with the pandemic ending soon, he imparted five critical messages to the Santé family, redefining the meaning of “SQUID.”

Serve others. Marcelo noted that Santé thrived for 14 years because of its love of serving people to help everyone lead better lives. For that reason, Marcelo challenged Santé business owners and partners to learn how to serve if they would like to grow with Santé in more years to come and be a leader not just in the country but globally.

“Are you serving to be a leader or because you are a leader? The success of Santé lies in our objective to serve not just our business leaders but also our employees and the community. We must focus on the growth and well-being of other people. Leaders do not promote themselves. They put other people first. And that is one of the marks of a Santé leader,” he said.

Quick to listen. As we are born with two ears and one mouth, Marcelo emphasized the importance of listening more to other people or their team before speaking their minds.

“We need to listen to our partners and our team to know what they think and feel. We must also give them undivided attention to notice their tone and body language while speaking. Whenever we speak, let’s put down our phones. If you want to be a leader in Santé, you must be very quick to listen,” he explained.

Unending love for the company, the products, and the team. For Marcelo, a true leader knows how to love. However, part of love is sacrifice. And leaders must sacrifice not only their time and effort but sometimes also their money and attention.

“Leaders display kindness and concern for others, not just inside our Santé family but for people within our community, our relatives, our friends, and those who are still suffering because they don’t have a job. They need our unending love,” he remarked.

Inspire people. One of the marks of Santé leaders or employees is that they inspire people to become a better version of themselves, and they do that by modeling the behavior in their lives. Marcelo expressed that Santé leaders motivate and encourage people to take the desired course of action to help them lead better lives without using authority.

“Whenever you speak to people, you are a channel of blessing, not just for the reason you’re giving money and gifts but because you’re giving them hope. Leaders in Santé inspire people,” he added.

Dream Big. Marcelo imparted that dreaming big will help other people to follow. However, it’s essential to show the people under you where you’re going. In addition, he conveyed that he is dreaming big for everyone in Santé and that they should also do the same.

“If we focus on these five key messages, the next 14 years will be bigger than what we have achieved before. I hope this will inspire us to strive more and be a blessing to our community. As part of the Team Santé, we are born to lead, and we will lead by serving other people,” he added.

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About Santé 

Founded in 2007, Santé promotes, produces, and distributes premier natural health and wellness products and services designed to help people live better lives. With Santé Barley as its flagship brand, Santé has dominated the local market with its certified* organic barley grass – grown and harvested in New Zealand. (More recently, Santé has become the Philippines’ first company to be certified organic by BioGro).  

With the proven health benefits of Santé Barley, Santé has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. Today, Santé has expanded its offerings to include a fitness and rehabilitation center with its Santé Fitness Lab; and an array of natural products that are true to the company’s thrust in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé has offices worldwide, such as Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, and Cyprus. 

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