Santé International’s Milestones


  • A group of veteran direct selling professionals formed Santé International to offer pure organic barley-based health and wellness products and a stable networking business opportunity for its distributors, or business owners.
  • The Santé Barley brand was launched in the Philippine market.
  • Negotiations between Santé International management and owners of farms of Canterbury Plains of New Zealand commenced for the latter to become the company’s regular source of barley grass.
  • Information technology company Big League Enterprise was established to oversee and manage the online accounts of Santé Barley product distributors. The system monitors the distributors’ commissions and payouts, among others.


  • Santé International’s partnership with BioGro-certified New Zealand farms was successfully sealed.


  • Personal testimonies on the health benefits of Sante Barley came flooding in. Sales skyrocketed and Santé International scrambled to keep up with the demand.
  • Branches tripled in number within a year, while the business owners started earning beyond their expectations.


  • Santé International experienced rapid growth. From hundreds of kilos of barley grass, the company began to import 50 tons, or around 50,000 kilos, of barley grass a year.
  • The company introduced Fusion Coffee as an addition to Sante’s Health Beverage and Snack Series.
  • Santé International introduced its Bath & Body and Intimate Care Series with the launch of C’est Bon anti-aging soap.
  • Filipino television personality Kim Atienza was tapped to become Santé Barley’s product ambassador.


  • CEO Joey Marcelo, a triathlon enthusiast, created Sante’ Barley’s own triathlon team dubbed as Santé Barley Triteam in line with the company’s mission to help people lead healthier lives.
  • Choco Barley was added to Health Beverage and Snack series.


  • Santé International continued to experience rapid ascent and growing demand for Santé Barley products here and abroad.
  • Franchising requests from abroad flooded the company.
  • With its myriad of health benefits, Green Tea L-Carnitine was launched under Health Beverage and Snack Series.
  • The construction of Santé’s Head Office and the Santé IMPACT System, a combined sports rehab and fitness center, began at Eton Cyberpod in Ortigas, Sante’ International’s headquarters.
  • Santé International also opened a regional office in Davao City to cater to the business owners and product users in Mindanao.


  • Santé International collaborated with a Singaporean company to build the Santé brand.
  • During the collaboration, the Santé Barley logo was standardized; values were identified; and a meaningful yet easy-to-remember mission statement was formalized.
  • Integrative medicine clinic Santé Wellness Centre, a subsidiary of Santé International, was born to provide holistic and alternative approach to healing.
  • Santé International unveiled its toothbrush product.
  • Introduced Moments (liner and napkin) to add to Santé’s Bath & Body and Intimate Care Series
  • Santé International launched its Project X with the Santé Luxury Yacht where business owners can cruise along Manila and experience the high life.


  • Santé Impact System (SImS) was officially launched as part of the Sante Health & Fitness Inc.
  • The company formally launched FibrEnergy, a powdered snack with barley, chia, and oats mix.
  • With the growing demand, Santé International constructed another regional office, this time in Cebu City, to cater to more business owners and product users.
  • With the global market as its benchmark, Santé International joined the premier Direct Selling Mastermind Event, a prestigious annual direct selling and network marketing conference in the United States.


  • Santé International penetrated the UAE market, offering organic wellness products and rewarding business opportunity to Filipinos and UAE locals alike.
  • The company’s UAE branches are located in the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah.
  • Fresh and Clean Toothpaste was launched under Santé Barley’s Oral Care Series.
  • Sante’s CEO, Joey Marcelo, was invited to speak in the esteemed Mastermind Event held in Florida, USA.


  • Santé International celebrated its 10th year.
  • The company held a soft launch of its Hong Kong and Singapore branches.
  • Santé International now runs 100 branches, with over 100,000 registered business owners in the Philippines, the UAE, Hong Kong, and Nigeria. The numbers are rapidly growing.
  • It launched new products, namely Pure Barley Premium, Boost Coffee, and Soleil.
  • The packaging design of its toothbrush product was redesigned to reflect the Santé Barley brand.
  • The company introduced Daily-C to its roster of Nutraceuticals
  • The company partnered with Ayala Land to build the 600-square-meter Santé Fitness Lab @ Vermosa Sports Hub in Cavite.
  • Once again, CEO Joey Marcelo was invited to the Mastermind Event, this time as one of its panelists.


  • Launch of Sante Singapore, Nigeria, Bahrain, Qatar and Cyprus