Santé International making headway in global expansion strategy

When Santé International was born in 2007, its founders had set its sights on breaking barriers to make it through the international direct selling market. The benchmark has always been the global standards, adopting and implementing business processes and systems that are recognized worldwide.

The dream, according to Chief Product Development Officer Minette Carag, is for the company and its brand, Santé Barley, to become the “Coca-cola of the food supplement.” This means that the brand’s influence has been deeply embedded in the customers that it is the first thing that comes to mind when they speak about health and wellness.

For Carag, such an ambitious vision is not far-fetched for a company that does “not hype its products but only rely on the truth… At a decade-long operation, we are still laying the foundation for the international growth of the company. We are going to get there, no doubt about that.”

To date, the Sante Barley brand has already reached the shores of the UAE, Hong Kong, Nigeria, and Singapore. Soon it will enter Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and some parts of the African continent. It is also eyeing China, a major global market, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The objective is to penetrate three international markets a year to help realize the company’s 30% yearly growth target, Carag said. While the Philippines still remains the biggest market for Santé International, other areas overseas are steadily gaining momentum as well. Hong Kong, for instance, already contributes 4% to the total company earnings.

Carag believed that the steadily rising global appetite for healthy alternatives will be the key to the brand’s international stardom. Add integrity to its perfect blend of unique business model and highly saleable products, the stage is set for Santé international’s continuous global expansion.

“If we say that a product contains 30 grams of pure barley, users can be assured that it has 30 grams of unadulterated barley grass powder. We do not compromise our products because integrity is one of our core values,” Carag said.

The all-natural product line under the Santé Barley brand contains organic barley grass from New Zealand. Barley grass, a total complete food, is recognized by science as the most nutritious of all plant food.

The health benefits of Sante Barley products are not only felt by users but are also validated by medical laboratory results. This, said Carag, is the real demand driver and a catalyst for its worldwide recognition.

Moreover, Santé International boasts of a stable compensation plan for its distributors, who can make an extra income both through direct sales and sponsorship of new recruits. They earn commissions and payouts, while the company incentivizes high-performing distributors. Its range of exciting incentives includes global travels, newly released gadgets, and brand new vehicles.

In light of the growing international e-commerce sector, Santé International is also in the process of strengthening its online presence. Carag said creating a digital payment platform as an alternative option for buyers is now in the pipeline.

All these efforts are designed to help realize Santé International’s global dream. Being led by forward-looking executives, the company, which is constantly attuned to the latest market developments and trends, is well on its way of becoming a fully Filipino-owned multinational global company, making waves in the international direct selling market as well as in the health and wellness scene worldwide.