Santé Gives Back to Silad Community

Health and wellness company transforms education by building new classrooms in Silad Island, Palawan

(Left-right) Pastor Philip le Roux, member of the Santé Barley Tri-Team and missionary; Albert Salvador, PTA President; Germelene Yala, Teacher; Lyn Oblan, Teacher; Gracelie Villacampa, Teacher; Sante Marketing Representatives: Pauline Bulatao, Marc Jason Marcelo; Fernando Ilistrisimo, Vice Mayor, and Elmer Ofiasa, Sitio Chairman.

Photo by Mari Milanes, Santé Marketing Representative

Quezon City, Philippines – December 6, 2023 – Breaking down barriers to education, Santé, one of the fastest-growing distribution and direct selling companies globally, dedicated to helping people live better lives, unveils the completed classroom for Silad Elementary School on the remote island of Silad in Agutaya, Palawan, as part of the “Go the Extra Mile with Santé Daily-C” initiative, last July 2023.

Access to a conducive education is still a challenge in Silad, Palawan. Over 100 children on the island were unable to complete their primary education due to inadequate facilities. Committed to helping people live better lives, Santé took on the challenge to bridge this educational gap.

The project was made possible because of the “Go the Extra Mile with Santé Daily-C ” initiative, where every purchase of Santé Daily-C 750mg from June 15 to July 15, 2023, contributed to supporting Silad Elementary School. A portion of the profit generated was specifically designated for essentials needed to build a new classroom that can withstand typhoons.

Demonstrating their commitment to going the extra mile, the Santé marketing team flew to Silad on December 6, 2023, to officially turn over the newly built classroom. The Sante team also extended help to families by donating groceries and Sante products while Pastor Philip focused on empowering Silad’s children, offering them necessary school supplies to aid their studies.

Behind this initiative was Pastor Philip Le Roux, a member of the Santé Barley Tri-Team and a missionary, and his wife, Vina Le Roux. As a teacher of Christianity and the Bible to the kids in Silad, he expressed the concern about the student’s dire condition to Santé. Pastor Philip emphasized the opportunity to enhance the learning space for students, aiming to create an environment that fosters better academic engagement and provides essential tools for students to excel. The existing bamboo and old wood structures were unable to withstand the typhoon-prone environment, thus hindering the children’s access to a conducive and high-quality education. That’s why fueled by Sante’s CSR initiative, “Sante Cares,” and under the leadership of CEO Joey Marcelo, a collaborative effort was initiated to champion this shared cause.

“I see the situation in Silad as an opportunity to support the children, as I am confident that they can achieve remarkable accomplishments with improved learning spaces,” Pastor Philip shared.

When Santé was tapped to help on this project, it was only fitting for Santé CEO Joey Marcelo to embrace the opportunity to make a significant impact. “We are more than happy in Santé to be the string of hope for these kids. I am happy about how we can help nurture the dreams of the next generation,” Marcelo said.

Santé has more plans to conduct initiatives that will provide children with the chance to receive proper and conducive education—the kind they deserve . The “Go the Extra Mile with Santé Daily-C” is part of Santé’s CSR initiative, Santé Cares, established in 2020 during the pandemic. Originally devised to aid the Santé community, the initiative was subsequently expanded to include other communities beyond Santé.

To learn more about the Santé and its health and wellness products and services, visit its website at mySanté.com.

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