Barley Grass Supplier: Santé

Have you ever wanted to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being? Consuming and drinking barley — one of the best superfoods in the market — is the best way to do that. But before you buy barley, you need to make sure that you’re getting it from the premier barley grass supplier — Santé.

You may be asking yourself why you should pick Santé Barley out of all the other barley distributors in the world? The answer to that is simple: we’re not only committed to providing our customers with top-quality products, but we’re also committed to improving their quality of life and helping them achieve their potential. Read on to learn more.


Why Choose Santé Barley Grass

Truck of Santé Barley GrassBarley grass is oftentimes referred to as barley greens. These are all-natural ingredients that are sourced from barley plants that have not yet started germinating. We can guarantee that as the top barley grass supplier, all of our products are organic and have no additives nor chemicals that can dilute their nutrients.

We’re transparent in every process that involves our barley grass — from the harvesting, processing, and down to the distribution. There’s no other company that can offer you top-notch barley grass that has all the health benefits you’re looking for.


100% Organic

Santé Barley is your most trusted barley grass supplier because all of our products have been certified as 100% organic. This means that our barley is cultivated using only natural ingredients that won’t present any harm to your body. It is a guarantee that all of our barley products don’t contain any harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives, substances, or synthetic ingredients that can affect their potency.

With Santé Barley, you can make sure that anything you’re drinking or consuming is fresh and safe for your body. You won’t have to worry about getting any adverse health effects that can cause further complications due to unnatural ingredients. Instead, you get only high-quality and pure barley grass for your benefit.



All of our barley grass drinks, food, and supplements come only from freshly-harvested barley. No other barley grass supplier can say this, because after their products are harvested, they may wait a long time before processing them. This can minimize the many health benefits of the products. Or worse, it can even contaminate the products themselves.

After we plant barley seeds using state-of-the-art techniques and processes, we let it grow and cultivate until such time that it’s ready to be harvested. How do we know this? Well, we’re able to identify if the plant gas has already ripened and contains an ideal moisture level of under 12%. This allows the grass to keep all of its major ingredients throughout the different stages that it undergoes.


Excellent Source Of Nutrients

Staying healthy is important in this day and age. Of course, you’d only trust a barley grass supplier if you can be sure that their products give you numerous benefits that are good for your body. Combined with healthy eating habits and a generally active lifestyle, our Santé Barley product is an excellent source of nutrients that can help promote a healthier mind and body.

There are many essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that you can get from our barley grass such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B, zinc, calcium, phenolic acids, saponins, fiber, and other phytochemicals.

All of these nutrients are useful in protecting your cells against damage. They also help you boost your immune system, lessen inflammatory toxins, lower cholesterol, and reduce your vulnerability to certain diseases and sicknesses.


Sourced From New Zealand

New Zealand has been considered as having one of the world’s largest agricultural and horticultural sectors. Many food and beverage products like butter, cheese, milk, and cereal products come from this part of the world. It shouldn’t be surprising that the best barley grass can only be found in New Zealand.

The top barley grass supplier sources its key raw ingredient from only the best farms in New Zealand. In particular, they’re grown and developed in the Canterbury area in the South Island (officially known as Te Waipounamu). The reason for this is that the type of soil that is found in this region is ideal for cultivating and harvesting cereal crops such as barley, wheat, and other oats.

As emphasized before, we guarantee only certified organic production, using a system wherein our crops are grown in large-sized fields. This allows the barley grass to get all the essential macro and micronutrients like natural sunlight, ventilation, and rainwater. Annually, each farm is inspected and managed by BioGro personnel to make sure that we retain exceptional standards and satisfactorily comply with New Zealand’s agricultural laws in the growth of the barley grass crop.


Worldwide Distribution

Santé traces its humble beginnings as a company that initially followed a direct-selling model, but we’ve since expanded beyond that to become Santé International. Through hard work and years of experimentation, we’ve finally been able to tap into other markets and adopt a more multi-level approach to our core products.

Since we’re the leading barley grass supplier, we make sure that different parts of the world may also be able to experience the health benefits of our world-class barley grass products. Each of our merchandise bears the mark of international quality and they have been distributed in other countries and regions like the Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, UAE, Nigeria, and Cyprus.


Our Barley Grass Products

If you’re looking for a good barley grass supplier, the variety of their products is arguably important to you. You don’t just want one single method of consuming barley grass — and for many reasons. One, you might not know the proper way of incorporating it into your daily eating habits. Two, just drinking the same powdered form of barley grass can get bland over time — adding variety is essential to enjoying this amazing superfood!

Fortunately, you’ll find more than just barley grass powder with Santé. Instead of your usual powder and water barley juice drink, we take it up a notch — have our barley grass in tablet form, fiber, or even in a delicious coffee mix!


Nutraceutical Series

Barley Grass: Nutraceutical SeriesNutraceutical simply refers to a naturally-derived food product that’s been enhanced with additional health benefits. Yes, that’s right! Apart from the already-existing qualities of the flagship pure barley that you’ll find from a barley grass supplier like us, we go beyond this by incorporating more essential antioxidants and nutrients. Make no mistake, however, because this doesn’t mean that we include synthetic additives — only organically-occurring ingredients that are processed using the highest standards.

As mentioned before, barley grass is typically consumed by mixing pulverized barley glass and water — but what if you’re not really a fan of the taste of barley grass? Our Nutraceutical Series is the one solution for that. Check out these products that can change the way you consume pure barley forever.


Santé Barley Capsules

The Santé Barley Capsules is exactly just that — our nutritious barley grass powder packed in vegetable-based capsules. Taking three 500-gram capsules three (3) times a day can already help you meet the daily recommended intake for barley grams, which is 3 grams per day, to be precise.

Drink these capsules in much the same way you’d drink any other vitamin or supplements that you’re already taking, but our Pure Capsules are best taken before having a meal. Take them before breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the best results. A healthy balanced diet of red/white meat, fish, vegetables, and carbohydrates per meal is also advised in order to get the full benefits.


Santé Barley Juice

We wouldn’t have become the best barley grass supplier without one of our flagship products, the Santé Barley Juice. Each 30-gram sachet box will allow you to meet your 3-gram barley grass requirement per day.

You might think that Santé Barley juice tastes like your typical green juice — bitter and tastes almost like grass. However, barley juice has a mild and pleasant taste, especially when it’s sweetened by a healthy sugar substitute.

Our Santé Barley juice contains no chemicals or additives that can destroy its health benefits. It contains barley grass that’s been further processed to produce a fine-grained powder that has been blended with a delicious sweetener, Stevia. Like our capsules, barley juice is ideal before eating balanced meals.


Santé Barley Canister

Our barley grass powder also comes in a sturdy canister packaging.

Like the sachet version, the Santé Barley canister contains finely-pulverized barley grass that has been sweetened with Stevia and no other refined sugars or additives. It comes all-natural, with a thick green color that easily dissolves in water — whether hot, lukewarm, or cold.

Our signature pure barley powder is best when stored at room temperature, especially since it’s stored in a canister that keeps the freshness of the product. You can keep this inside your pantry or in a kitchen cupboard with no problem at all.


Health Beverage Series

As mentioned before, no other barley grass supplier can offer you creative ways of drinking your favorite wheat drink than Santé Barley. Aside from our pure barley powder and capsule, our product also comes in deliciously-tasty beverages that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought possible.

Take a look at our Santé Fusion Coffee, Barliccino Coffee, and our Santé Choco Barley drink.

Barley Grass: Santé Fusion CoffeeSanté Fusion Coffee

Who says you can’t enjoy pure barley with coffee? Certainly not our Santé Fusion Coffee. This is the best way to enjoy the benefits of two beverages that you love — barley juice and coffee!

Our unique blend of signature barley juice with fresh coffee beans is sure to get your morning off on the right foot. Have a cup of the Santé Fusion Coffee with your favorite breakfast of eggs and toast or bread and butter — it’s really up to you! You can also have this delicious and robust coffee-barley mix as part of your afternoon snack or evening caffeine fix.

Barley Grass: Santé Fusion CoffeeSanté Barliccino Coffee

Craving for a warm cup of cappuccino? Going to your local coffee shop might not really be worth it — you might end up spending more than you’d like.

Luckily, there’s another way for you to satisfy your cravings — with the Barliccino Coffee. As the name suggests, this is yet another ingenious invention from your trusted barley grass supplier — barley grass combined with a flavorful cappuccino coffee mix. All-natural, no chemicals, and zero preservatives — coffee doesn’t get any better than this.


Santé Choco Barley

For non-coffee drinkers, there’s also a way for you to get your daily dose of pure barley grass in a more delicious way — with our Santé Choco Barley.

Our Santé Choco Barley might just be the creamiest and most delicious chocolate drink that you’ve ever tasted so far. It combines all the proteins, vitamins, and nutrients that you’ll get from our pure barley powder, with the sweetness and richness of our very own chocolate milk blend.

The drink contains non-inflammatory antioxidants that can help boost organ functioning and reduce pain in your body. With its high protein and calcium content, this is also a delicious way to strengthen your bones and teeth, as well as boost your energy levels. Take it before or during meals to accompany your favorite food or snack.


Choose The Number One Barley Grass Supplier: Santé!

Santé is the number one barley grass supplier in the world — there’s no doubt about that. Here, we just do things differently. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just care about marketing and selling our products. We also care about the people who will benefit from them, which is why the values of excellence, transparency, and sincerity are present in everything that we do.

Here at Santé, we use only state-of-the-art technology to consistently produce pure barley products that our customers will love. All of our processes are certified by international standards to make sure that you, the customer, get only the best value and most effective barley grass drinks, beverages, and supplements.

All of our methods and techniques have received international recognition and certification from BioGro — the largest and most well-known organic produce and product certifier. We start our process by cultivating our invaluable barley crops in the heart of the world’s agriculture and horticulture — South Island, New Zealand. This is because the soil presence in that area is the most suitable to develop only the top-class barley grass that you’ll ever find in the market.

Sustainability and livability are also at the heart of what we do. We understand the impact of industrial processes and how they’ve permanently changed the face of the earth. Due to this, we make sure that no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, and harmful chemicals are present in every stage of our cultivation, processing, as well as supply & distribution. By committing ourselves to only ecologically-friendly and sustainable practices, we’ve been able to sustainably manufacture the best pure barley grass products for everyone.

Curious to learn more about what we do? Click here to get in touch with us! Now’s your chance to finally get to know a world-class barley grass supplier.