What Is Inulin?

What Is Inulin?

What is inulin?

  1. Prebiotic fiber
  2. Source of health benefits
  3. Ingredient in Santé Sweet Via

More and more people are looking for healthier dietary choices to improve their overall health — so they can live more and do more. Some of the most effective dietary choices include increasing fiber intake and switching to alternative sweeteners. Fiber plays an important role in digestive health, maintaining a healthy weight, and more. On the other hand, finding alternatives to table sugar can help improve managing blood sugar and fight diabetes. This is where inulin can help you. To learn what is inulin, keep on reading!

Prebiotic Fiber

Inulin is a dietary fiber that comes from plants. Natural sources of inulin include chicory root, which is an excellent source. But this also includes garlic, raw asparagus, raw onion pulp, raw barley, artichokes, and many more. 

For plants, inulin is used as an energy source. It is a fructan, which is a type of oligosaccharide. These are chains of fructose molecules that link together so that your small intestine cannot break it down. Instead, fructans like inulin act as a prebiotic that will feed the good bacteria in your gut. This leads to numerous digestive and other health benefits for your body. 

Source Of Health Benefits

Being a dietary fiber, prebiotic, and natural sweetener, inulin can provide plenty of healthy benefits. Below are some of the reasons why you might want to start adding inulin to your diet:

Digestive and Gut Health

Digestion is the process of breaking down food into nutrients. This way, your body can use the nutrients for various purposes, including energy, growth, and cell repair. Inulin slows your overall digestion, so your body can better absorb the nutrients from your food!

Other than that, as a prebiotic, inulin encourages good bacteria to grow in your gut. These bacteria help protect your gut from bad bacteria and infection. Other than that, they also play an important role in your immune system. 

As a dietary fiber, inulin can also add bulk to your stool and relieve symptoms of constipation. With inulin, you can have more regular bowel movements.

Weight Loss

Because inulin is a soluble fiber, it can help you prevent overeating. When you consume inulin, the fiber mixes with water and turns into a gel. This slows down the rate of stomach emptying and makes you feel fuller for longer, which means that you can resist cravings and frequent snacking. Remember that diet is an important factor in weight loss, and appetite control can help you reach your goals. 

Blood Sugar Control

Since inulin is effective in slowing your digestion, it also affects your digestion of carbohydrates. This means that the sugars are released slowly, preventing spikes in blood sugar levels!

Bone Health

Inulin may help in calcium absorption. Calcium is a mineral needed by your body for bone and teeth health. Other than that, it also plays a role in muscle movement, hormone balance, blood vessel constriction and relaxation, etc. Having improved calcium absorption can result in better bone density, which is important to your overall health.

Ingredient In Santé Sweet Via

Ingredient In Santé Sweet Via

Since it’s found in many edible natural sources, inulin can be easily added to your diet. But aside from that, inulin is also extracted and made into ready-to-consume forms such as supplements, powders, and the like. 

Inulin is also a natural sweetener that is usually combined with other sweeteners such as stevia. It’s considered one of the healthier natural sweeteners compared to refined sugar. It is low on the glycemic index and also a good fiber source, so it’s a good addition to your sweet recipes to boost their fiber and prebiotic properties! You can easily add inulin to your coffee, tea, cocoa drink, smoothies, baking treats, and more. 

If you’re interested, you can try out the Santé Sweet Via, which contains inulin and stevia! With plant-derived ingredients that provide plenty of health benefits, you can sweeten your food and drinks without the guilt. 

Key Takeaway

Inulin is a plant-derived dietary fiber and also a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Other than that, it’s also found in supplements, powders, or even alternative sweeteners! It provides plenty of health benefits that can help you live more and do more.

Now that you know what is inulin, you can start adding the Santé Sweet Via to your food and drinks! This way, you can lessen your intake of table sugar, which is linked with various negative health effects. Together, stevia and inulin can sweeten your food and drinks while improving gut health, digestion, appetite control, blood sugar control, and bone health. 

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