What Are Nutraceuticals?

What Are Nutraceuticals

The main role of food is to nourish your body, giving you the energy you need for the day. But the right food can also provide you with improved overall health while helping you combat diseases. This is where nutraceuticals, which are products that come from food or food sources, can help you. One example is barley grass, which offers plenty of health benefits. If you want to know what are nutraceuticals, keep on reading!

What Are Nutraceuticals

What Are Nutraceuticals 2

Nutraceutical is a term used to refer to products that offer nutritional value and medicinal benefits. It combines the words ‘nutrient’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. These are also called nutritional supplements, functional foods, medical foods, and more.

The term nutraceutical was used as early as 1989. It was Stephen DeFelice, the founder of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine in New Jersey, who first used the term. He explained it as food that can provide health and medical benefits.

But the concept of nutraceuticals was known earlier than that. Hippocrates, which was a Greek physician and the father of modern medicine, recognized the connection between food and health.

Types of Nutraceuticals

The main purpose of taking nutraceuticals is to promote your overall health while combating major health problems. For example, probiotics can help promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. It combats an imbalance, which can lead to digestive issues, allergies, and more. Aside from that, it aids the absorption of nutrients too.

Nutraceuticals can be categorized into four — dietary supplements, functional food, medical food, and farmaceuticals.

  • Dietary Supplements are products that contain nutrients from food products. These can be consumed in pill, capsule, powder, and liquid form.
  • Functional Foods usually refer to whole, fortified, enriched, or enhanced foods that can improve health. Examples are whole grains, yogurt, and more.
  • Medical Foods are consumed for specific dietary management for a health condition. It is often administered by a physician.
  • Farmaceuticals combine the terms ‘farm’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’. These are medically valuable compounds that come from modified crops or animals.

Sante Barley Nutraceutical Series

Sante Barley Nutraceutical Series

If you’re interested in improving your overall health and combatting diseases, you can try out Santé’s nutraceutical series! You can reach business owners near you or visit the My Santé Shop if you want to order online.

Santé Barley Capsules

Santé Barley Grass is a nutritional powerhouse, helping you get the nutrients you need daily. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, and many more. As a powerful source of nutrition, it can boost your energy, fight cancer cells, normalize blood sugar levels, strengthen the immune system, reduce bad cholesterol, and remove toxins.

Made of pure organic Santé Barley Grass from New Zealand, the Santé Barley Capsules are convenient to consume because of their capsule form. Since vegetable capsules are used, these are perfect for people with dietary restrictions!

Santé Barley Powder

If you prefer to drink juice, the powdered form of Santé Barley is a better option for you. Available in sachets and canisters, you can add this to smoothies and refreshing beverages. Just like the capsules, these provide plenty of health benefits while helping combat diseases.

Daily – C

Daily – C is a non-acidic vitamin C, which means it’s easier on your tummy. Just like the Santé Barley capsules, these are packed in a vegetable capsule — perfect for vegans and vegetarians! Deficiency in vitamin C can lead to anemia, bone pain, poor wound healing, and more.

But by taking a supplement, you can prevent deficiency and experience health benefits — such as improved immunity, better brain function, and healthier blood pressure and uric acid levels. This supplement is also available in another variant — the Daily-C Plus, which has the addition of zinc!

Sweet Via

Sweet Via is a healthier alternative to ordinary sugar. It combines stevia and inulin to provide sweetness to your food and drinks while offering health benefits! As a prebiotic, it can encourage the activity of good bacteria in your colon, so you can benefit from better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Key Takeaway

What are nutraceuticals? These are products that come from food or food sources to provide you not just with nutrition, but also offer health and medicinal benefits. These can be found in everyday foods and supplements such as Santé Barley Grass, Daily-C, and Sweet Via! If you’re interested to learn how Santé Barley Grass can help your health conditions, you can read the testimonials here.

Now that you know more about nutraceuticals, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to what you consume. As they say, you are what you eat — so if you want to be healthy and fit, you have to eat good food. This way, you can live more and do more!

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