5 Top Reasons Business Owners Should Use the My Santé Store Mobile App

5 Top Reasons Business Owners Should Use the My Santé Store Mobile App

What are the reasons business owners should use the My Santé Store Mobile App?

  1. Easy download and registration
  2. Enhance your business owner experience
  3. Stock up your inventory on time
  4. Stay safe during the pandemic
  5. Save time and effort

Santé continues to find new ways to help their business owners live more and do more. The Santé e-commerce app can now be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet for free! Existing and new Santé Business Owners can explore the app so they can manage their inventory, track bonuses, and more. Keep on reading for the topreasons business owners should use the My Santé Store mobile app.

Easy Download and Registration

Nowadays, it’s safe to assume that most business owners probably have smartphones or tablets with them everywhere they go. But imagine the possibilities if these could be utilized to promote business on social media, connect with customers online, and open up a shop on e-commerce sites? If you are looking to enhance your business owner experience, the first step is to download the newest Santé e-commerce platform!

Fortunately, the My Santé Store App is available for all smartphone and tablet devices. Simply go to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and download the app for free! Business owners can use their existing username and password to log in. If you don’t have these details, you can also register as a retailer and Business Owner through the app. Just fill in the information needed and you’re done! Registration is fast and easy.

Enhance Your Business Owner Experience

Enhance Your Business Owner Experience

The My Santé Store App is a one-stop e-commerce mobile app specially made for retailers and Business Owners—so they can live more and do more! It offers a variety of features to manage your inventory, track your business goals, and more!

The possibilities Santé e-commerce app has in store for their business owners:

  • Stock up inventory with Santé products
  • Enroll a bank account
  • Top up e-wallet
  • Check commissions and Greenium balance
  • Request a disbursement
  • Track the running status of bonuses
  • See Dream-Quest Points

With this mobile app, they can have a personalized and consistent experience as a Santé Business Owner. Check on your orders, track your spending and manage your business on your own time.

Stock Up Your Inventory On Time

With the growing demand for Santé Barley products, there might be a constant need to stock up more items on your inventory more often than before. The good news is that these can be purchased via the My Santé Store App! Just open the app, choose products, select a payment option, and wait for your order to be delivered. You can also pick up the items at the Santé Office. By placing orders through the app, this guarantees and ensures the legitimacy of the products being purchased.

Autoship is also another unique feature in this e-commerce platform! Instead of inputting orders in the app every time you need new products, you can automatically order and receive them on your chosen schedule. This is fixed at monthly intervals, so you are guaranteed to have a stocked inventory.

Stay Safe During the Pandemic

Stay Safe During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, it is not that easy to go out because of the virus. But customers still need their Santé Barley supplements so they can boost their immunity and fill in their required nutrition. The good news is that the My Santé Store App allows them to manage their business from the comfort of their home.

You can top up your wallet, order your stocks, and more through the platform. You can pay for your orders in three ways—cash on delivery, credit card, or Greenium. This way, all you need to do is wait for the products to be delivered. Because you don’t have to go out, you and your family can stay safe during the pandemic.

Save Time and Effort

Santé understands that most Business Owners juggle many roles. Aside from being an entrepreneur, you might also play the role of a parent, student, athlete, and career man or woman. With so many things to do, every minute spent is precious.

Santé developed the My Santé Store App so Business Owners and retailers can live more and do more. By using a mobile device to manage your business, you can save time and effort. This way, you have more energy to allocate to other things—such as studying, working, or taking care of your family.

Key Takeaway

The My Santé Store App is a convenient e-commerce platform for existing and new Business Owners alike. It allows you to manage your inventory in a safe way during the pandemic. By using the app, you can save time so you can live more and do more!

Sante products are exclusively distributed by Business Owners. If you are interested in becoming a Sante Business Owner to avail of discounted products and manage your own Sante business, join the Sante Partnership Program.

If you are an existing business owner, log in and click here to order products at the My Santé Store website or download the app!