5 Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

What are the different tips to get rid of bad breath?

  1. Be consistent with brushing 
  2. Practice flossing once a day
  3. Choose the right oral care products
  4. Prevent mouth dryness
  5. Know when to see a doctor

Bad breath can make you self-conscious. It can have a strong impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence, affecting your social interactions and daily activities. If you have this issue, then you might be looking for tips to get rid of bad breath. The good news is that there are some ways to help you reduce or eliminate the foul odor. If you want to get rid of this problem, keep on reading to learn more. 

Be Consistent With Brushing

Be Consistent With Brushing

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria that are present in the mouth. When you just had your lunch or dinner, food particles can easily get caught in between your teeth. Bacteria can thrive on these and cause a foul odor in your mouth. Other than that, certain foods like onions and garlic also commonly cause bad breath too. 

If you don’t brush often, the bacteria in your mouth will just continue to grow. In this case, plaque, which is a thin film of bacteria that forms on your teeth, will produce a foul odor. When neglected, plaque can also cause tooth decay, which is another cause of bad breath!

That’s why you can prevent bad breath by stopping plaque buildup. Brush your teeth at least twice a day: once in the morning and at night. 

Practice Flossing Once A Day

Flossing is also helpful in removing food particles and plaque that has built up in between your teeth. That means skipping flossing can cause more plaque to build up over time, causing tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath! Flossing is essential because it can help you remove plaque from areas that can be hard to reach with a toothbrush.

Floss your teeth first, so you can first loosen the food particles and plaque around your teeth. After that, brush your teeth just like normal. Flossing can be difficult if you’re a first-timer, but you’ll get used to it with practice. Do this gently and carefully to avoid damaging your gums. 

Choose The Right Oral Care Products

e The Right Oral Care Products

The toothbrush and toothpaste you use are also important. For instance, when buying a toothbrush, you need to consider the size and bristles. 

Larger brush heads can make it more difficult to clean hard-to-reach places like your molars. The handles should also be comfortable to grip for two minutes of brushing. For the bristles, softer ones are better because they won’t damage your teeth. The Fresh & Clean Nano Charcoal Toothbrush is specifically made with double bristles. The top has soft bristles, while the bottom has regular ones. Together, this can help you get rid of plaque!

If you’re looking for toothpaste, the Fresh and Clean Natural Toothpaste is also a good choice. It combines four herbal ingredients that can help keep your breath fresh and your mouth clean. With Santé Barley grass powder, aloe vera extract, tea tree oil, and chamomile extract, regular use can help prevent gum diseases. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that may be bad for your teeth and gums. 

Prevent Mouth Dryness

Other than having a consistent oral healthcare routine, there are other lifestyle changes that can help you prevent and get rid of bad breath! One cause of bad breath is mouth dryness. That’s why you will notice that bad breath often occurs in the morning, as your mouth dries out while you’re sleeping.

Your saliva is important because it not only keeps your mouth moist but also helps eliminate oral bacteria and protect your teeth. You can prevent mouth dryness by drinking water throughout the day. 

Other than that, green tea is known as a home remedy for bad breath because it has disinfecting and deodorizing features. That means you can also drink it if you’re tired of plain water! If you’re interested, the Santé Fit N Trim contains green tea, Santé Barley grass powder, lemon, and L-Carnitine!

Know When To See A Doctor

Know When To See A Doctor

Regular checkups with your dentist can help in preventing bad breath in the long run! They can perform a professional cleaning to get rid of plaque and tartar that can cause a foul odor in your mouth. Other than that, they can also point out what other underlying problems you need to treat. 

Other than oral health problems, there are other conditions that can cause bad breath. Infections, throat conditions, kidney disease, diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), and other diseases can also cause unusual breath odor. If bad breath doesn’t improve with oral care, consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 

Key Takeaway

Follow these tips to get rid of bad breath! Have a consistent oral healthcare routine that includes brushing and flossing. Drink water throughout the day to prevent your mouth from getting dry. Green tea is also another good option because it has deodorizing and disinfectant properties. Other than that, don’t forget to consult a doctor when needed.

If you’re looking for quality oral health care products, you can try out the Santé Fresh and Clean toothbrush and toothpaste! When used on a regular basis, these can help keep your mouth smelling fresh and clean from bacteria. 

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