Santé aims to turn Passion into Purpose with ReVv Launch 2019

Pasay City, July 16, 2019 —Santé, a provider of premier organic health and wellness products and services, recently launched its Santé ReVv at the Le Pavillion Events Hall last June 30.


With its tagline, “Where Passion Becomes Purpose,”Santé ReVv aims to equip young entrepreneurs with the skills and qualities that they can utilize to succeed in business.


A QBO Innovation Hub and PwC Philippines revealed that about 69.5 million of eager and tech-savvy millennials in the Philippines are building their businesses or startups, with more than 300 founded between 2012 and 2017.[i]


With this insight, Santé ReVv, a community of millennials working together to achieve personal growth through Santé business, pushes to empower millennials to become better business owners and help them succeed in life through proper mentoring and training.

The program also helps people who are less privileged by giving them the opportunity to get started in entrepreneurship. The community also offers self-development programs to impart critical values needed for success, such as integrity, respect, and discipline, so young millennials can thrive in any environment.


Santé ReVv’s Core Head Paula Caluag said they pioneered the program to instill critical qualities to young millennials by focusing on the integration of passion and skills to achieve one purpose in life.


“Santé has always been dedicated to helping millennials in honing their natural gifts and skills as they pursue their biggest aspirations through entrepreneurship. We want them to experience fun and worthwhile activities, which not only enhance their professional skills, such as public speaking and digital marketing but also, promote creativity and leadership qualities,” added Caluag.


During the launching event, young Santé business owners and Santé ReVv leaders, such as Apple Chico, and Gab Icalla, and Oliver Sagaoinit, and Alpha Balirete, were present to share their stories and inspire millennials to step out of their comfort zone and integrate their passion with useful skills to achieve more in life.


Alpha Balirete noted that self-doubt and fear are the usual culprits for lack of progress. She said that people should not be afraid of failing, as new mistakes are catalysts for growth and self-improvement.


“The young generation should never fear failures and instead, embrace them. Failures make people stronger and wiser. If they are not experiencing mistakes, it means they’re still in their comfort zone,”Balirete added.



Santé Chief Distributions Officer Paul Caluag could not agree more. He said that “through Sante ReVv, we want people to inspire the young and dynamic generation to explore and fulfill their purpose in life in a community that recognizes and maximizes their potential.”


“I would like to congratulate these young entrepreneurs as they continue their journey and hope that we continue in achieving each other’s goals in a venue where passion becomes a purpose,” he added.


Santé offers products that improve the quality of life of people around the world. The company has been providing premier organic health and wellness products and services with Santé Barley at its core. Barley grass is an effective antioxidant, rich with vitamins and minerals that not only detoxifies the body but also, aids in digestive health.


To know more about Santé, its product offerings, and other upcoming events, visit its official FB Page atéofficial.phor its website at www.Santé




About Santé


Founded in 2007, Santé promotes, produces and distributes premier natural health and wellness products; as well as services, designed to help people live better lives. With Santé Barley as its flagship brand, Santé has dominated the local market with its certified* organic barley grass – grown and harvested in New Zealand. (More recently, Santé has become the Philippines’ first


company to be certified organic by BioGro). With the proven health benefits of Santé Barley, Santé has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. Today, Santé has expanded its offerings to include a fitness and rehabilitation center with its Santé Fitness Lab; and an array of natural products that are true to the company’s thrust in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé has offices worldwide such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, and Cyprus.