Santé 12.12.12 Christmas Promo

Santé 12.12.12 Christmas Promo

If you live a busy lifestyle, then chances are high that you didn’t have enough time for Christmas shopping last year. In addition to that, it’s also scary to go out because of the pandemic situation right now. That’s why during the past holiday season, many people have chosen to give the gift of health to their loved ones with Santé’s 12.12.12 Christmas Promo. Keep on reading to learn more!

What is the Santé 12.12.12 Promo?

Through the Santé 12.12.12 Promo, customers had 12 days to get 20% off on all their favorite Santé products. This promo was valid from December 12 to 23 in the Philippines only.

Customers who wanted to avail of the sale ordered the Santé products via Those who shopped during the promotion period got 20% off on all products in addition to Free Shipping with a minimum purchase of Php 1,000 pesos.

What Are the Products Included in The Promo?

Santé’s products are well-loved for their high-quality ingredients and the health benefits they offer — allowing you to live more and do more! First-time buyers and loyal customers of Santé took this chance to stock up on their favorite health products such as the following. If you’re interested, you can also try them out or give them to friends and family members.

Santé Nutripair

Double up on your defenses with the Santé Nutripair. By pairing Santé Barley and the Daily-C Plus, you can boost your nutrient intake and immunity.

Santé Barley Grass capsules and powder are made of pure and organic barley grass from New Zealand. On the other hand, the Daily-C Plus offers you a dose of non-acidic vitamin C which is gentler on the stomach, and zinc which has immune-boosting properties.

Santé Choco Barley

Know a sweet tooth in the family? The Santé Choco Barley is a good alternative to sweet beverages because it contains healthy ingredients such as Santé Barley Grass! It’s full of vitamins, a good source of antioxidants, and supports heart health.

Santé Fit N’Trim

Prepare to lose those pounds after the holidays with the Santé Fit N’Trim. This health drink is the perfect supplement to your workouts because it contains L-Carnitine that can help burn down the fat and convert it into energy.

Santé Boost and Santé Fusion Coffee

Looking for a healthy drink suitable for WFH employees or night-shift workers? The Santé Boost and Santé Fusion Coffee can help you kick-start your day while providing the nutrients you need from Santé Barley Grass.

Santé Fibr Energy

Ditch the junk food and opt for a healthy snack instead with the Santé Fibr Energy. Aside from the healthy Santé Barley Grass, it also contains oats for optimum heart health and chia seeds, which can decrease your hunger pangs.

Santé Moments Anion Napkin and Pantyliners

The Santé Moments Anion Sanitary Napkins and Pantyliners are not only cottony soft and comfortable but are also a healthier choice for women. It has an Anion strip that is beneficial in balancing the pH levels, preventing bacterial infection, and improving blood circulation!

Santé Fresh and Clean Toothpaste

Take care of your pearly whites with the Fresh & Clean Toothpaste. With all-natural ingredients such as Santé Barley grass, chamomile, aloe vera, and tea tree oil, you can reduce your oral bacteria and take care of your gums.

Santé Soleil Marula Oil

Upgrade your skincare with the Santé Soleil Marula Oil. You can use it as an oil cleanser, make-up primer, and moisturizer!

Santé C’est Bon

Maintain fresh, healthy, and youthful skin with the C’est Bon Premium Anti-aging Barley Soap. It’s rich in vitamins A & E and contains papaya extract, goat’s milk, and barley grass that can help keep your skin clean and moisturized.

How to Order On My Santé Shop

How to Order On My Santé Shop

It’s not too late to accomplish your health goals this year. If you’re interested in prioritizing your wellness and starting the year strong, you can also purchase the Santé products online starting today. Use Santé’s online platform so you can get your orders without having to go out. Just go to and follow the steps below:

  1. Choose between the following options to proceed with your order:
    1. Find Someone I Know: By clicking this option, you can search for a Santé business owner you may know.
    1. Refer Someone: Choose this option if you want to be referred to a Santé business owner based on your location.
  1. Click on a Santé Business Owner, so you can be redirected to their page.
  2. Add the products you need to your cart, then click on ‘Checkout’ once you’re done shopping.
  3. Fill in your personal, shipping, delivery, and payment information.
    1. Delivery Options: Pickup or Delivery
    1. Payment Options: Credit Card or Cash On Delivery
  4. Wait for your orders to be delivered to you soon!

Key Takeaway

Many people have saved on their purchases while prioritizing their health through our Santé 12.12.12 Christmas Promo. Although the promotion is done, it’s not too late for you to start thinking of your health and wellness! If you’re interested in our well-loved and best-selling Santé products, you can stock up through the My Santé Shop. This way, you don’t have to go out and get exposed to the virus.

Santé’s variety of products is sure to suit your healthy lifestyle, make a purchase by reaching out to any of our independent Business Owners.

Level up your Santé experience with discounted products and a Santé business of your own! Come join us in the Sante Partnership Program.

If you are already an existing business owner, log in and click here to order products at the My Santé Store website or download the app on IOS and Android.