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Part-time business owner Randy Malaluan: Being the right person to the right business opportunity

Metro Manila, Philippines – March 16, 2018 – The Santé business provides anyone with an opportunity to work with an established brand and business model. With the right attitude, commitment, and perseverance, everyone regardless of stature in life can succeed in this direct selling business.

This has been proven by Randy Malaluan, an employee who dreams of becoming a full-time entrepreneur someday. Randy has been resolute in growing his business ever since learning from his mentor about the full potential of Santé. Every single day without let up, he consistently allots a sufficient amount of time to nurture his network of business partners and customer base across the world. This has been his habit since deciding to commit to Santé in spite of it being a part-time career.

As part of his daily routine, Randy gets in touch with his business partners here and overseas via Skype or other online platforms after his regular day job – offering them the much-needed encouragement, support, and help in achieving their goals.

For a part-time Santé business owner, Randy has already attained many milestones. He has successfully built a network of 4,000 business partners located in, General Santos City, Pangasinan, Isabela, Bicol, Batangas, and Manila; and overseas in Dubai, Hong Kong Qatar, Italy, and Canada. Most of his business partners comprise overseas Filipino workers who he met via social media platforms. He is also in the process of growing his customer base which now stands at 1,000.

In terms of earnings, he currently enjoys a stream of five-digit income monthly on top of his fixed monthly salary from his day job. Beyond his exponential earnings, he was able to travel to Hong Kong, paid off his debts, and bought a new vehicle under Santé’s car incentive scheme. More importantly, Randy said his aspiration to become a full-time entrepreneur is finally within reach.

The business has also transformed Randy’s personality. While before he was shy, today he can speak confidently to many people and motivate them to follow and reach their dreams.

“I did not take this seriously before. It was just like a game to me. I did not expect to be given a great opportunity to not only develop my speaking skills and confidence but to also serve as an inspiration to many people. I now find myself constantly pursuing self-development and self-improvement to help me in the business,” he said in Filipino.

Success did not come easy for Randy. He has experienced many rejections and faced a number of skeptics in the course of growing his business. These challenges, however, did not deter him from chasing his dream and goals.

For Randy, if he can do it, so can his business partners and everyone committed to the Santé business. Like Randy, it is just a matter of being the right person with the right attitude to this right business opportunity.


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