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Reasons To Switch To Santé Sweet Via

What are some reasons to switch to Santé’s Sweet Via? Natural sweetener Cuts in sugar intake Good for weight management Can be used for many sweet recipes With the many health risks that added sugar causes, it’s good to find sugar alternatives. This encourages a healthier lifestyle while still letting you enjoy the sweet taste […]

Benefits Of Goat’s Milk For Skin

What are the benefits of goat’s milk for skin? High in nutrients Acts as a soft cleanser Natural exfoliant Helps to have a healthy skin Improves your dry skin Helps to prevent acne Maintains the pH balance of your skin Lactic acid supports us in achieving that simple yet soft skin, resulting in an appealing […]

How Can Barley Grass Help Build A Strong Immune System

Are you feeling fatigued no matter how much you rest? Or maybe you get frequent colds or experience digestive problems? You might also notice that your wounds don’t heal as fast. All of these are signs of a weak immune system. Nowadays, when you easily get sick, having a strong immunity to fight off pathogens is important. Fortunately, there is a health and wellness product called barley grass that can help you. Below, you will find out how barley grass can help build strong immunity. Read on!

4 Benefits of Using Santé’s Fresh And Clean Toothpaste

What are the benefits of using Santé’s Fresh and Clean Toothpaste? Aloe vera extract: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic Tea tree oil: Fights germs, bad breath, and tooth decay Chamomile extract: Reduce plaque and gingivitis Santé Barley Grass: Promotes healing of sores From childhood, the elders have never failed to provide reminders to take care of […]

Santé celebrates its 15th year of helping people live better lives

Santé was first introduced in the Philippines in 2007. Established by a group of veteran direct selling professionals, the company had the goal to offer its various health and wellness products and provide business opportunities to a network of distributors.
Since then, it has been committed to helping everyone live better lives so they can live more and do more for their loved ones. As Santé keeps this mission close to heart, it has been a prime mover in the health and wellness industry.
Celebrating its 15th anniversary, here are the brand’s milestones over the years.

5 Reasons To Buy The New 200g Santé Barley Powder In Canister

Santé Barley Grass is rich in healthy ingredients which are good for your health. It contains dietary fiber for better digestion, vitamin C and zinc for immunity, calcium for strong bones, vitamin A for eye health, and many more. Aside from that, it also has 8 amino acids, which are also called the building blocks of life. Santé barley grass is a nutritional powerhouse that can offer plenty of benefits for your overall health. Aside from capsules and sachets, there are many reasons to buy the new 200g Santé barley powder in a canister. Keep on reading to learn more! 

How To Use Barley Grass For Weight Loss

Weight loss is done not just for aesthetic reasons, but to remain healthy. For instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who are overweight or obese are at increased risk for serious diseases compared to people who have a healthy weight. Risks include high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and many more. That’s why Santé is here with you to aid you in your journey to a healthier body. Here are some tips on how to use the Santé barley grass for weight loss. Keep on reading!

5 Reasons To Choose Organic Food

What are the reasons to choose organic food? No chemicals used Non-GMO product Contains more nutrients Better for the environment Affordable and accessible Santé is certified by BioGro, the leading authority on organic produce and products in New Zealand. This means that the farms where barley grass is sourced are thoroughly inspected each year to […]

4 Benefits Of Tongkat Ali From Santé Boost Coffee

What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali, which is an ingredient of Santé Boost Coffee? Full of antioxidants Improves fertility for men Boosts physical performance Improves mood Santé Boost Coffee is made for active and health-conscious individuals who are looking for improved stamina and energy for the day. It’s made with highly nutritious and healthy […]

5 Health Conditions Where Barley Grass Can Help 

What are the health conditions where barley grass can help? Weak immune system Having excess weight High blood sugar High cholesterol level Oxidative stress Barley grass refers to the leaf of a young barley plant. You will often see it being used in juices, smoothies, and soups. It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and […]