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The Sante way: Helping build a healthy Philippine society 

The role of Sante International has never been more pivotal than today when physical inactivity, poor lifestyle, and rising incidences of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in local communities have already reached an alarming level.

NCDs, including stroke, heart ailment, and cancer, are reported to be among the top killers worldwide. In the Philippines, the World Health Organization revealed that around 300,000 Filipinos died due to NCDs in 2012, or “more than any single disaster, calamity, or epidemic seen before.”

Smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and stress are all contributing to the growing number of local NCD cases. The Department of Health has said that they are the common risk factors shared by many lifestyle-related diseases in the country today. While the current fast-paced culture brought about by technological advancements has led to a speedy and efficient way of life as well as a better way of living, the popularity of processed food, computers, online gaming, and social media, to cite a few, in the modern age has also resulted in a national public health concern.

“Gone are the days when families cook their food at home and children go outside to play with their friends… If not addressed by the present generation, our future is at risk with the rising number of lifestyle-related diseases. Despite advances made in technologies and even in medicine, heart disease and cancer are still the leading causes of deaths worldwide. I believe that these diseases are closely linked to poor lifestyle,” said Joey Marcelo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sante International.

Government authorities and concerned private institutions have stepped up their efforts to raise public awareness on the importance of leading an active lifestyle and eating a balanced, healthy diet.

For its part, Sante International, with its vision to be a global provider of premier wellness products and services, has made it its mission to help build a healthy society for all. As such, Sante International introduced to the local market in 2007 the Sante Barley brand. The all-natural product line under the brand contains organic barley grass from New Zealand as the main ingredient. Barley grass, a total complete food, is recognized by science as the most nutritious of all plant food.

“With the advent of fast food and processed food brought about by the fast-paced lifestyle of Filipinos, we are now being hindered by the lack of proper nutrition needed to have a healthy life. Sante Barley has developed something that will bridge the gap between regular individuals and a healthy lifestyle,” Marcelo said.

Sante Barley offers a wide range of healthy beverages and snacks, from Fusion Coffee to Choco Barley and FibrEnergy to Green Tea L-Carnitine. It has ventured into other key segments as well such as nutraceutical, bath and body, intimate care, and oral care. With the products’ health benefits, the demand for the Sante Barley brand is steadily rising in the Philippines and other parts of the globe. It now has a strong market presence in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Sante Barely has further extended its offerings by designing a distribution system enabling individuals to be both physically and financially fit.  The system is for people interested in becoming distributors of the Sante Barley products, allowing them to earn extra money right at the comfort of their homes and without leaving their present jobs.

“In line with our mission to help people live better lives, we believe that both physical and financial wellness have equal importance. Our distributors are instrumental in spreading our advocacy of promoting health and wellness not only to Filipinos here and abroad but also to various nationalities all over the world,” he said.

More and more Filipinos are now becoming health conscious thanks to ramped up national awareness campaigns and efforts of a number of private businesses to offer alternative, healthy options. With its vision, mission and core values revolving around healthy living, Sante International will continue its quest to develop products packed with organic and all-natural ingredients, while making sure that these offerings are easily accessible to all segments of society. Sante International is helping build a healthier Philippine community one step at a time.