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Santé Officially Opens in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Santé Officially Opens in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Pasig City, Philippines – [December XX, 2021] – Santé, the global and leading health and wellness brand, opens its doors and extends its presence in the Middle East—the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adding another one to its long list of key Global Markets such as Cyprus, Hong Kong, Macau, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates. All driven by its promise to helping more and more people live better lives by bringing value-adding wellness products and services to every family and home.

This was made official on December 10, 2021 at a virtual contract signing done via Zoom between KSA Global Branch Operator, Mr. Saud Abdulaziz Al Nasser with Vice President of SAA Enterprise, Mrs. Nimfa Caballero Al Nasser, and Santé International, Inc.’s CEO, Mr. Joey Marcelo and Mr. Enrico Garcia, the Director of International Operations. This event was also graced by honorable guests such as Mr. Peter Hope, the Managing Director for Santé New Zealand, Santé’s key business leaders as well as Santé’s corporate divisions from International Business Operations, Marketing, Philippine Operations, Santé Engage, etc.

Despite not having a face-to-face interaction for this momentous event, the excitement, positivity and hope filled the screens of each one present.

“We are excited to open in a vibrant and progressive place such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” exclaims Mr. Enrico Garcia from Santé’s International division, “We extend our warmest congratulations to our partners in Saudi Arabia. We are honored and excited for this eight market in the Santé global family, as we are finally bringing the gift of nature such as Santé Barley to that part of the world—the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

“I am so excited for what’s about to happen today. It’s been a long time waiting!” remarks KSA Branch Operator Mr. Abdulaziz Al Nasser, “We are finally about to help more people live better lives.” He then on calls Mrs. Caballero Al Nasser to assist him to continue on with his speech which mentions, “We are finally going to kick start in the most important place, the operations. We strongly believe with Santé’s products and with the global trend of living a healthier lifestyle, SAAE took the leadership to tap to that opportunity not only to develop sucessful Business Owners to be instrumental in distributing products that we believe will be beneficial for consumption towards healthy living!”

“During the long process of back-and-forth of emails and messages,” Mr. Saud and Ms. Nimfa adds, “we [realized] that with these strong team of individuals, Santé KSA will be able to overcome the challenges that we will face ahead. There is nothing less to do but to be excited for the magnitude of success we both (Santé International and Santé KSA) can achieve!”

Peter Hope also gave his warmest welcome and assurance to the new partners by saying during his segment, “You often see me in videos standing in the middle of the farm or field telling you about how we grow the crops, how we reassure the quality of the barley we are consuming. I personally look forward to the day we [meet face-to-face, so that I can] host you here in New Zealand and show you around. I salute you on your enterprise and vision. [From my end,] I just want you to be assured that we will support you by delivering you the best product in the world!”

Santé’s very own CEO Mr. Joey Marcelo proudly mentions, “First of all, I would like to welcome our newest partners for Santé KSA Mr. Saud and Ms. Nimfa. We are here with the heart of helping people live better lives, not only in KSA but also in the Midldle East and eventually the whole world. Welcome to the Santé family!” he then adds, “In as much as we want to be the contract signing face to face, we cannot right now, but of course I am looking forward to meeting you in Saudi Arabia or in the Philippines or in any part of the world to see you face to face and maybe exchange stories and have a great time together very very soon. Another momentous event for the part of Santé, this has been 10 years in the making! Yes, we are still in the pandemic, but what Santé is doing is we are planting seeds right now, creating programs, a lot are in store for us for 2022 and beyond. I know that our brand in the KSA will bring us a lot of success in the coming years!”

Watch the actual broadcast in this Facebook live video embedded here:

Touchdown, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! Sante welcomes 8th Glocal Branch in KSA.

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