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Santé International eyes double-digit annual growth amid robust demand for healthier products

Pasig City, Philippines – April 19, 2018—Santé International is targeting a double-digit yearly growth despite stiff market competition as it makes headway in its quest to become a global provider of premier wellness products and services. According to Chief Product Development Officer Minette Carag, the company’s 30 per cent annual growth target is well within reach thanks to the rising need for healthier alternatives and increasing adoption of better lifestyle choices.  

Under its Santé Barley brand, Santé International offers a range of all natural everyday products packed with wholesome goodness of organic barley grass sourced directly from New Zealand.  The organization has established a network marketing system through which the Santé Barley products are systematically distributed via its business owners, or distributors, who earn a reliable stream of income through direct product selling and new prospect recruitments.  

The Santé Barley business owner community is globally expanding at a steady pace. To date, there are now 100,000 registered distributors based not only in the Philippines but in the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Nigeria as well. More and more people are also testifying to the many health benefits of the Santé Barley products.   

“Recruitment is good but the products are the real demand driver. We have been witnessing the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, heart illness, and cancer [in society worldwide] with high morbidity and mortality rate. Our products address [the root of these diseases] and the effects are not only subjective but they are also validated by laboratory results,” Carag said.  

Additionally, the company’s strength emanates from its mission to help other people and its core values of sincerity; positivity; excellence; humility and truthfulness; courage to try new things; and celebration for every win.    

“We walk our talk. If we say that a product contains 30 grams of pure barley, users can be assured that it has 30 grams of unadulterated barley grass powder. We do not compromise our products because integrity is one of our core values,” Carag added.

It is a fact that some people experience difficulty in attaining proper nutrition needed to have a healthy life, as such Santé Barley is seeking to bridge this gap between regular individuals and a healthy lifestyle, Chief Executive Officer Joey Marcelo said.

“Our distributors are instrumental in spreading our advocacy of promoting health and wellness not only to Filipinos here and abroad but also to multi-nationals worldwide,” Marcelo said.   

Global calls for healthy living are growing amid the increasing sedentary lifestyle, rising prevalence of obesity, and growing junk and processed food consumption. Against this background, Santé Barley will remain steadfast more than ever in its commitment to promote healthy and active living at the local and global levels.