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5 Reasons To Buy The New 200g Santé Barley Powder In Canister

5 Reasons To Buy The New 200g Santé Barley Powder In Canister


What are the reasons to buy the new Santé Barley Powder in Canister?

  1. More servings for you and your family 
  2. Beautifully packaged design 
  3. Certified organic by BioGro
  4. Made with an all-natural sweetener
  5. Available for an affordable price


Santé Barley Grass is rich in healthy ingredients which are good for your health. It contains dietary fiber for better digestion, vitamin C and zinc for immunity, calcium for strong bones, vitamin A for eye health, and many more. Aside from that, it also has 8 amino acids, which are also called the building blocks of life. Santé barley grass is a nutritional powerhouse that can offer plenty of benefits for your overall health. Aside from capsules and sachets, there are many reasons to buy the new 200g Santé barley powder in a canister. Keep on reading to learn more! 


More Scoops For Better Health 

More Scoops For Better Health 

Aside from yourself, it’s understandable if you also worry about your family’s health. The good news is that Santé barley is now available for sharing because it’s now bigger and better! Packed in a 200-gram canister, you can have more scoops while sharing the benefits of Santé barley grass with everyone. This way, you and your family can live more and do more. More scoops for better health! 


Santé barley grass in family size is perfect for customized recipes at home. You can drink the barley grass by mixing it with plain water or make various recipes that are delicious and healthy. There are many ways you can drink the Santé barley grass. You can add it to your pre-workout smoothie or mix it with your favorite fruits in your blender. It’s even the perfect addition to your baked recipes too!


Beautifully Packed Design

The Santé barley grass powder is packed in an airtight 200-gram canister, which ensures freshness for your favorite powder drink. The container is designed with the Santé green color gives the message of good health and also reminds you of that distinct New Zealand freshness. The cap has the beautifully engraved S logo from Santé, which makes the packaging more elegant. 


This means that the Santé barley powder 200g canister is not just for personal consumption, but also perfect as a gift for others. Give others the most important gift — the gift of health!


Certified Organic By BioGro

Santé is certified by BiGro, the most prominent figure on organic produce and products in New Zealand. This certification proves that Santé barley grass is organic — free from artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and genetic modification. Certain farming methods are followed in growing the barley grass. To ensure compliance with prescribed organic laws, the farms are inspected every year. 


Why choose organic? It’s better for your health, and also better for the environment. Organic farming makes use of natural methods in growing crops, so consuming organic products means that you can avoid chemicals that may be present in most commercially grown products. Other than that, organic farming is better for the environment too, since it helps control soil erosion and is also safer for farm workers.


Made With All-Natural Sweetener

Made With All-Natural Sweetener

You don’t need to add table sugar to your Santé barley grass juice, because the Santé barley powder in a 200g canister is already sweetened with stevia! Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that has no calories, so it’s suitable as a healthier sugar substitute for weight loss or diabetes control. It may help keep your blood sugar levels in check. 


Because it’s already added with sweetness, you can quickly prepare your Santé barley grass juice daily, even when you’re busy!


Available For An Affordable Price

You don’t have to break the bank in order to prioritize your health. The new Santé barley powder in a 200g canister’s price is only 2,600 pesos. More scoops for better health and an affordable price!


This family-size barley grass will last you a long time, so you can experience the benefits of better health without spending too much! If you’re interested, Santé barley powder in a 200g canister is available online and from Business Owners near you. 


Key Takeaway

There are many reasons to buy the 200g Santé barley powder in a canister. It now has bigger servings, which means that all your family members can experience the benefits of Santé barley grass. More scoops for better health! 

You can use it on your own recipes — whether you want to make a smoothie or a baked goodie. The beautiful packaging not only preserves the freshness of the product but also makes it a great gift for family and friends. Consume the full goodness of Santé barley, which is organic and sweetened by stevia, for a reasonable price. 


Santé’s variety of products is sure to suit your healthy lifestyle, make a purchase by reaching out to any of our independent Business Owners. Level up your Santé experience with discounted products and a Santé business of your own! Come join us in the Santé Partnership Program. If you are already an existing business owner, log in and click here to order products at the My Santé Store website or download the app on IOS and Android.