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500mg x 100 capsules (Sodium Ascorbate)



Immune System + Non-Acidic

Daily C, Sante’s non-acidic vitamin C contains 568mg of Sodium Ascorbate.

When taken daily, this vitamin C aids in boosting your immune system. Its non-acidic form makes it gentler on the stomach and safer for daily use. Without the acidic pain from your usual vitamin C, you get the most out of this vitamin source.

Daily C is perfect for the whole family, working moms and dad and yuppies who work night shifts. This can be your immune system aide.

  • Sodium Ascorbate: A water soluble vitamin and antioxidant that the body doesn’t produce and gets only from food.

Directions for use:
Take 1 capsule daily or as prescribed by the physician.

2 reviews for Daily-C

  1. Adelaida Hokari

    I don’t feel so exhausted after work unlike before taking it.

  2. Leonida Dimafelix

    It really protects me from being sick. I drink 2 capsules when I think I will be sick and really It will not be worst, I am healed!!
    Thank you Sante for providing us another helpful product for our daily needs to maintain good health

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