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Bring the Sexy Back Challenge, achieved in the New Normal

Winners gain confidence, strength, fitness with Santé NuTrio, redefining ‘Sexy’

Bring the Sexy Back Challenge, achieved in the New Normal

Winners gain confidence, strength, fitness with Santé NuTrio, redefining ‘Sexy’

Pasig City, Philippines – November XX, 2021 – Amid the new normal, people limit their physical activities outside their homes, especially during lockdowns and community quarantines, to prevent the spread of the virus. It causes individuals to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in pandemic weight.

So, to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle to become fitter this new normal, Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider, initiated a 60-day fitness transformation with Bring the Sexy Back with Santé NuTrio.

In this challenge, participants were asked to document their everyday fitness transformation journey through Facebook posts of pictures and videos in their personal accounts, including these hashtags: #BringTheSexyBackWithSantéNutrio and #SantéNutrioChallenge.

They were, then, judged in every round based on their overall appearance – whether they lost weight or gained muscles, how was their fitness journey, which consists of storytelling, workout routine, and diet, and the social media score of their before and after photos posted on Santé Engage Facebook page.

With the help of the Santé NuTrio – Santé Barley™ for strength, Daily-C for confidence, and FitN’Trim for fitness – the meaning of the word ‘sexy’ was redefined as every participant aimed to live a healthy lifestyle while being in good shape so they can live more and do more.

The challenge was concluded last October 13, where six winners won PHP 10,000 to PHP 50,000, and 21 participants received Santé products as a special award and consolation prizes.

So, if you’re also aspiring to live a more holistic lifestyle this new normal, here are the fitness transformation journeys of the Bring the Sexy Back grand champions to be your inspiration.

Being ‘Sexy’ to be confident

Before Freddie Lozano, a 36-year-old Santé Business Owner in Pasig City, joined the Bring the Sexy Back challenge, his weight was 70kg as the pandemic caused him to have a laid-back lifestyle. However, when the challenge was announced, he saw this as an opportunity to lead a healthy life, especially this new normal.

At first, Lozano expressed that adjusting his food intake was challenging since he loved to eat. As for Lozano, he already considers himself a winner if he achieved his goal of losing 7kg of his weight, and winning the Bring the Sexy Back challenge would just be an extra winning bonus.

During the 60-day challenge, Lozano would start his morning by drinking the Santé NuTrio to provide him the energy he needed in his workout. Then, he would hit the gym and begin with a chest workout, followed by abs, shoulders, and back. Meanwhile, Lozano also included in his daily routine some jumping rope, jogging, and pushups.

However, Lozano conveyed that his journey was not easy. Due to community quarantines and lockdowns, his go-to gym was not consistently open. So, he would need to travel to a gym in Cainta, Rizal, just to do his workout or he would try to exercise at home.

As Lozano finished the challenge, he finally achieved his goal and currently weighs 63kg. Lozano remarked that the result was gratifying and being physically fit and healthy made him feel confident to face people every day.

“This challenge changed my life. Even after I finished the Bring the Sexy Back, I would continue this lifestyle to live a healthier, fitter life. For those who also want to undergo a fitness transformation this new normal, remember these three things: have self-discipline, especially in the food you eat and vices, focus on your goal, and work hard to achieve your desired result,” Lozano expressed.

Being ‘Sexy’ to be fit

A sedentary lifestyle became the norm for the 33-year-old Santé Business Owner Mary Ann “Pinky” Ramirez, who lives in Pasig City, in the new normal. With 54kg as her starting weight, Ramirez found a chance to push herself to exercise every day with the Bring the Sexy Back challenge to stay healthy so she can live more and do more.

For Ramirez, the first few days of the challenge were difficult. Adjusting her energy, stamina, and food consumption became challenging. However, Santé NuTrio gave her the daily strength she needed for her high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

As she aimed to lose 6kg, she also wanted to have a fitter body. Ramirez explained that because she’s a full-time Santé Business Owner, she was always busy. But with her dedication to pursuing a healthier life, she continued to be motivated to do her everyday workout routine.

Meanwhile, before Ramirez underwent the 60-day challenge, she would get easily tired if she engaged in physical activities, like hiking. However, right now, she expressed that a lot has changed. Her body feels light and energetic and can last long hours of hiking without getting tired.

In the end, Ramirez reached her 48kg goal. Currently, her workout routine involves 100 squats and five-minute planking every morning to tone her body and maintain her fitness transformation. The challenge also became a lifestyle for her while drinking Santé NuTrio.

“Always keep in mind that health is wealth, especially in the new normal. It’s important to be in good shape for a healthy life. If you also plan to have a fitness transformation, act and be consistent with achieving your goal. Remember, the journey to a healthy lifestyle depends on you,” Ramirez expressed.

Meanwhile, among the other winners of the Bring the Sexy Back with Santé NuTrio are as follows:

1st Runner Up (Male): Aaron Precilla – starting weight: 70kg; current weight: 61kg.

1st Runner Up (Female): Malou Malinao – starting weight: 59.85kg; current weight: 58.30kg.

2nd Runner Up (Male): Anthony Martin Dee – starting weight: 96kg; current weight: 88.16kg.

2nd Runner Up (Female): Stephanie Garate – starting weight: 86.55kg; current weight: 75.50kg.

On the other hand, these are the participants who received consolation prizes.

Joan San Pedro – starting weight: 70.70kg; current weight: 64.90kg.

Paulo Vijar – starting weight: 70.90kg; current weight: 63.30kg.

Mary Ann Flora – starting weight: 59kg; current weight: 55kg.

Jommel Lindain – starting weight: 103.90kg; current weight: 96.40kg.

Edward Manaoat – starting weight: 64.68kg; current weight: 55kg.

Ann Murry Medel – starting weight: 50kg; current weight: 46kg.

Rhoda Batoon Gaddi – starting weight: 55kg; current weight: 48kg.

Danny Kinoy Bualan – starting weight: 60.50kg; current weight: 55.90kg.

Albert Camposano – starting weight: 91.85kg; current weight: 83.35kg.

Janice Albarico – starting weight: 55kg; current weight: 50kg.

Gershon Gallego – starting weight: 75.80kg; current weight: 62.75kg.

Jerabel Dejarlo – starting weight: 61.60kg; current weight: 56kg.

Rotchell Saga – starting weight: 51.95kg; current weight: 50.30kg.

Maria Joana Kristiana Riñoza – starting weight: 64.30kg; current weight: 57.75kg.

Ana Mante Janiola – starting weight: 63kg; current weight: 54kg.

Marife Miñoza – starting weight: 52.60kg; current weight: 46kg.

Maria Belinda Oclarit – starting weight: 83kg; current weight: 71kg.

Cherish Umali – starting weight: 71kg; current weight: 61kg.

Princess Jennikka Mae Zara – starting weight: 64.30kg; current weight: 57.75kg.

Mary Joy Mandane – starting weight: 63kg; current weight: 55kg.

Special Award: Gloria Riñoza – starting weight: 59.35kg; current weight: 57.05kg.

“We congratulate all the participants who joined the Bring the Sexy Back with Santé NuTrio. We hope that this initiative inspired people to stay healthy, especially now that maintaining one’s health and wellness has become more important,” said Joey Marcelo, chief executive officer of Santé.

The Santé NuTrio is just among the organic health and wellness products Santé offers. The company is one of the leading global manufacturers of certified barley grass grown and harvested from New Zealand. With its mission to help people live better lives, the company promotes, produces, and distributes premier natural health and wellness products and services.

Known for its flagship, Santé Barley™, the company has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are made, specifically with organic barley grass, certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. Today, Santé has expanded its offerings, including a fitness and rehabilitation center with Santé Fitness Lab, staying true to its thrust in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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