5 Benefits of Choco Barley: The Best Barley Chocolate Drink from Santé

5 Benefits of Choco Barley: The Best Barley Chocolate Drink from Santé


What are the benefits of Santé Choco Barley, the best barley chocolate drink?

  1. Full of vitamins
  2. Source of antioxidants
  3. Supports heart health
  4. Perfect for the entire family: kids and kids at heart
  5. Easily customizable


Most of the time, some people would rather drink a sweet beverage from the supermarket rather than a health supplement that provides benefits for the body. This is because numerous healthy drinks have a bitter aftertaste, which makes it harder to take another sip! Fortunately, Santé offers delicious beverages in our barley grass product line. Choco Barley, the best barley chocolate drink, is a hit among kids and adults. Read on!


Full of Vitamins

As a part of Santé Barley Grass products, Choco Barley provides countless health benefits along with its flavorful taste. Combining the nutrients brought to you by cocoa and barley grass, you will benefit from drinking this beverage daily.

For example, barley grass powder contains vitamin A that protects your eyes from night blindness. It also contains vitamin C that can prevent iron deficiency which is a symptom of anemia, while boosting your immunity by protecting you from infection!

Aside from the numerous vitamins and minerals found in Santé’s organic barley grass, you will also benefit from the nutrients of premium cocoa. It contains flavonols that might lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. It does this by reducing insulin sensitivity, the hormone that regulates blood sugar.


Source of Antioxidants

Happy beautiful Asian woman smiling and drinking a cup

You can also benefit from Santé’s Choco Barley antioxidant content! Antioxidants are the ‘free-radical scavengers’ that slow down and prevent damage to your cells which has been linked to heart disease, stroke, immune deficiency, cognitive problems, and cancer.

Flavonoids in barley grass powder such as saponarin are a powerful antioxidant that can protect you from environmental stresses, thereby helping you prevent diseases such as cancers, inflammations, and cardiovascular illnesses.

Organic barley grass powder has great quantities of other antioxidants thanks to its enzymes, vitamins, chlorophyll, and polyphenols. Other than that, cocoa powder also offers numerous substances that fight free radicals.


Supports Heart Health

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death around the globe? It claims more than 17 million lives annually. Most of these are attributed to heart attacks and strokes. If you’re obese, high blood, and have increased glucose levels, your risk of this also gets higher.

Fortunately, cocoa has flavonols that can enhance the function of your blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. This happens because it improves nitric oxide levels, which relaxes the inner muscles of your arteries, veins, and capillaries. Because of this, blood can flow properly throughout your body.

Cocoa also reduces LDL cholesterol, a type of cholesterol that sticks to the walls of your blood vessels, thereby preventing problems such as heart attack. This might be why habitual chocolate consumption is associated with a significantly lower risk of heart problems. Together with barley grass powder—which also reduces the oxidation of LDL, you can protect your heart with Santé Choco Barley!


Perfect for the Entire Family: Kids and Kids at Heart

Loving Young Family

The smooth and creamy texture of the Santé chocolate drink will be loved by both kids and adults. That’s why if you have a picky child who hates fruits and vegetables, you can supplement their diet with this healthy beverage.

After all, the premium cocoa content and the organic barley grass powder grown in New Zealand have substances that promote growth! Both have protein, an important building block for your muscles, organs, and cells, which is essential for the developing bodies of children. These ingredients also contain calcium which is needed for bone and teeth growth.

Other than that, vitamin A in Santé barley grass powder is also needed to maintain a healthy reproductive system in both and women. In fact, animal studies demonstrate that deficiency can block the development of sperm cells and reduce egg quality!


Easily Customizable

Because of all these health benefits, you and your family will enjoy drinking the Santé Choco Barley—whether you prepare it hot, cold, shaken, blended, or stirred! Aside from dissolving it in plain water, there are numerous recipes you can make to customize it. For example, you can try the following directions to spice it a little!



  • Santé Choco Barley, 1 sachet
  • Milk, 180 milliliters
  • Ice cubes, 6 pieces
  • Optional: Banana or strawberry
  • Optional: Chia seeds
  • Optional: Stevia, a natural sweetener



  1. Chop the fruit into smaller pieces.
  2. Add the Santé Choco Barley, milk, ice cubes, fruit, and stevia in a blender.
  3. Blend the shake for 30 seconds or until it reaches your desired texture.
  4. Add on the chia seeds for additional nutrients.
  5. Serve and enjoy with your family!


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for the best barley chocolate drink, there’s nothing better than Santé Choco Barley! Because it has ingredients that promote overall health and protect you from diseases while providing a delicious taste, you and your family will enjoy drinking it daily.

Santé Choco Barley is the perfect drink for the entire family because it is full of vitamins, a great source of antioxidants, supports heart health, and easily customizable to your drinking preferences!

If you’re interested in the Santé Choco Barley, you can order it for an affordable price from a legitimate Santé Business Owner near you. Otherwise, you can also check it out at the online store!