Perk up: Enhancing energy level with Santé’s Boost Coffee

Thanks to the stimulant effect of caffeine on the brain, many people globally rely on coffee to help perk up their day. In America alone, an estimated 55 percent of adult Americans are coffee drinkers as per the statistics from the National Coffee Association cited in a article[1]. The scene is no different in the Philippines where Filipinos purchase coffee products about 81 times a year, according to a 2015 Kantar Worldpanel study[2].

People’s modern and hectic lifestyle and desire to stay active will further influence the demand for coffee and other energy-boosting drinks for years to come. This has prompted Santé International to produce the all-natural Boost Coffee.

With a strong aroma and rich taste, Boost Coffee is a 15-gram concoction of robusta coffee beans, tongkat ali from Malaysia, and organic Sante Barley grass powder from New Zealand – all of which help in achieving vitality and overall well-being. Brewed for active and health-conscious individuals, Boost Coffee provides stamina and energy any time of the day.

Tongkat ali is usually marketed to enhance or improve sexual potency, but this flowering plant is also known for increasing overall energy and metabolism as well as improving fertility. Although the target market for tongkat ali is men, women may also take the same to enhance their physical performance and increase their muscle strength.


Santé International has been sourcing the best tongkat ali from Malaysia. The flowering plant is extracted using only water with no chemical solvents. It is then freeze-dried to preserve its essential nutrients. Clinical research suggests that they promote healthy metabolism, vitality, healthy aging, well-being, and optimal testosterone levels.

This ingredient is combined with the total complete food Sante Barley grass powder and robusta coffee beans to help boost one’s energy and stamina.

Consumed like a typical coffee drink, a box of 10 15-gram Santé Barley Boost Coffee sachets costs P350 each.



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