What it takes to be #BIOGROCERTIFIED

The BioGro logo is the most recognized organic logo in New Zealand—the mark of a genuine organic product. And Santé is the first Filipino-owned company to actually carry the label! BioGro is one of two New Zealand agencies recognized by the New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to audit and verify that organic […]
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Santé, certified organic by BioGro: Peter Hope, Managing Director of Santé New Zealand, Explains

Pasig City—February 13, 2018—People today are becoming more conscious when it comes to health matters. A study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel, a global expert in shoppers’ behavior, revealed that Filipinos are slowly becoming more health conscious in their food and beverage choices. It sends a message to product makers, including myself, to be more mindful of what […]
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Organic farming yields many health and environmental benefits

Santé International leads in large scale organic farming of barley February 9, 2018 – Pasig City – Organic farming is one of the key buzz words today among the health-conscious. But perhaps what most people don’t know is that the benefits of organic farming are far-reaching than we think. “Organic farming is not only profitable […]
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