Starting a home-based business? Now might be the right time, even amid a pandemic

Pasig City, Philippines; November 9, 2020 —Due to limited mobility, local small businesses, nowadays, are urged to move to digital platforms to allow them to continue operating even when they are isolating themselves at home.


Since the start of community quarantines and lockdowns, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) noted that there was a surge in the number of registered online businesses in the country, which allows local entrepreneurs to continue earning while at home. In September, the number of registered online business names soared to 75,000—a leap from about 1,700 in March.

But what really are the advantages of putting up a home-based business? Is it even practical to start venturing into it, especially amid a pandemic? Take it from Shirley Reginaldo and Gershon Gallego—two Santé business owners who found success in having a direct-selling, home-based business.

There are generally two ways to earn from direct selling: one is through retail profit, which is by buying directly from the parent organization and selling the product for a premium to consumers. Another way is by building your own organization of distributors/resellers where one may earn money both from the direct retail profit and from the commission on the efforts of the distributors/resellers in your organization.

Earning while having more time with family

For Shirley Reginaldo, a business owner from San Juan City in Manila and a mother of four beautiful daughters, having a direct-selling business allows her to have more time with her family. She was recently widowed so, having a home-based business that would enable her to sell products using social media or the Internet makes it more convenient for her to have a good source of income amid the pandemic while being with her family.

Reginaldo has been a Santé business owner since 2012. She first learned about Santé, one of the active global players in the direct selling and wellness industry, on TV, and was immediately interested in trying its organic barley-based products.

“I first learned about Santé on TV, and I was amazed by its benefits, so I wanted to try its barley products. But when I learned that they distribute them through direct selling, I lost my interest until my sister, who, at that time, got sick, needed to take some food supplements to help her maintain her health and wellbeing. And so, we bought Santé Barley and, eventually, decided to become a part-time direct seller. Two years after, I became a full-time Santé business owner,” said Reginaldo.

Being in the direct selling business for eight years and now a muti-millionnaire, Reginaldo said that having a home-based business allowed her to be in control of her time. And, since she has been doing her business online, she has not felt any significant change, except that more people became more interested in embarking on direct selling since many lost their jobs due to the pandemic.


Safe, Convenient, Economical

Apart from allowing you to work and earn from home, a direct selling business is also safe, convenient, and economical. Gershon Gallego, a business owner from Mindanao, noted that it only takes a little time to get the hang of it, especially if you are willing to learn and adjust.

Gallego, a nurse by profession, decided to put up a small business for his family when he was 25 years old. He was inspired by his hardworking brother, a former overseas Filipino worker (OFW), who served as the breadwinner of their family and helped all of them to continue their studies.

From these humble beginnings, he decided to put up his direct selling business with Santé, together with his then-girlfriend, now his wife. They became a Santé business owner in 2015.

“I remember us borrowing money because we have nothing back then. All we have is our dreams. My wife and I started as part-time Santé business owners with a promising opportunity in mind and a vision to earn more. We did it consistently with focus and determination. A few years later, with God’s grace, both of us earn seven digits, and now doing it full-time,” said Gallego.\

Now 30 and a multi-millionaire, Gallego aspires to help others to find success in the direct-selling business. “My wife and I have experienced all the good sides of putting up a direct selling business and, it usually delivers to those who really strive hard. Success for us is not material wealth, rather the ability to give hope to the hopeless, genuinely help and encourage people to dream again,” he said.


Choosing the right company, products

When it comes to choosing the products to sell, Gallego said that it pays to first understand what the product is, including its components, ingredients, benefits, among others, before selling them.

Shirley Reginaldo couldn’t agree more. She noted that the product’s quality is incredibly important to create a base of repeat customers and, the same goes whether the product is consumable or not. Another setter for the product is how you, as a seller, think about the product’s quality—that is why it pays more if you also use or consume the products.

Another factor is the relevance of the product. With the present health crisis, people need essential goods like food, as well as products that can help them maintain a healthy immune system.

“I chose Santé’s organic health and wellness products for my business because I know that they are relevant and of high-quality. If you have that kind of product, then the success of your business will follow,” said Reginaldo.

Gallego, on the other hand, noted that it also pays to choose the company or brand that would push you to become successful. With the changing buying habits of Filipinos, for instance, the company that you will be associating with should allow you to adjust quickly.

“There have been a lot of changes amid the ‘new normal,’ especially on the marketing side of our business. We used to present Santé products to our clients via table talks or group presentations but now, everything has to be done online,” Gallego added.

To help its business owners navigate through these changes, Santé utilized technology to quickly adapt and cater to the demands of the “new normal.” Fastly adapting to the COVID-19 situation, Santé business owners can now order products and have them shipped conveniently with just a few clicks. They can also transact everything through the company’s website.

Santé also migrated its ‘Engage’ programs, a set of training and seminars for all its business owners, to online platforms and are given for free. All these initiatives make it even easier for entrepreneurs to continue or jumpstart their direct selling business.

When asked about their advice to those who are planning to put up their home-based direct selling business, Gallego and Reginaldo recommend not to wait until the pandemic is over. With proper guidance, mentorship, and perseverance, they can start their home-based business now with Santé.

Now present in 10 key cities worldwide, Santé continues to receive a steady demand for its organic health and wellness products. Known for its flagship, Santé Barley™, the company has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are made, specifically with organic barley grass, as certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency.


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