Scared of Holiday Weight Gain? Drink Coffee, study says –

Pasig City, Philippines [December 1, 2020]– Christmas Season is here! And, for sure, some might be worried about gaining some pounds. After all, despite the pandemic, this season of merriment means eating and drinking more than the usual at all the parties and gatherings you will throw or attend—may it be virtual or physical—with your friends and loved ones at home.

While some people struggle with their weight during the holidays, did you know that a recent study revealed a potential solution that does not involve depriving yourself of Christmas treats?

In 2019, scientists at the University of Illinois released a studythat suggests that consuming caffeine can limit weight gain and cholesterol production, even while eating a diet that is high in fat and sugar.

Based on the study, caffeine, which is a crystalline compound found mostly in tea and coffee plants, can reduce the storage of lipids in fat cells, as well as limit weight gain and the production of triglycerides. And although the scientists used the caffeine extracted from mate tea, the study noted that effects were similar with synthetic caffeine and that extracted from coffee.

For Santé, a provider of premier organic health and wellness products and services, on the other hand, taking your daily dose of caffeine can be so much more exciting, especially if you can have that brew you love from a coffee shop.

If you are looking for that perfect coffee that can provide just the right amount of caffeine to help you get rid of that ‘holiday weight’ and stay healthy, as well as perk you up for the day, then Santé’s Barlicinno is right for you.

Barliccino is a cappuccino plus Santé Barley Coffee Mix that offers a healthier and tastier choice than your usual pricey “coffee-shop” brew. Each cup of this coffee is a foamy, delicious, and comforting escape to the real cappuccino goodness that brings the coffee-shop quality experience in an instant, wherever you are.

What makes Barliccino different? It is infused with the goodness of pure barley grass from Santé, certified as organic by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. This component makes Barliccino a healthier choice since barley grass is known to be an effective antioxidant and is rich in vitamins and minerals that can help detoxify the body. It also aids in keeping the digestive and immune systems healthy.

Additionally, Barliccino is also is mostly sweetened using Stevia, a natural substitute for sugar. It only has a minimal amount of sugar (1.63 grams), a lot lesser compared to a regular instant coffee’s sugar content, which is around 12 to 15 grams per serving. It also contains non-dairy creamer and has low-calorie content (52 calories).

Barliccino is just one of the many products offered by Santé, a brand that aims to help everyone to live more and do more. The company has been providing premier organic health and wellness products and services, including Santé Barley™ as its flagship.

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