Santé Choco Barley: Complementing kids’ nutrient-rich meals

Pasig City, Philippines – March 2, 2018 – Making sure that children get all the essential body nutrients they need is vital to their overall physical development, health, and well-being as they grow up. Parents, however, know that such is not an easy job, with kids mostly shunning many healthy meals for more palatable, albeit unhealthy, food.

With this in mind, Santé International has found a way to make barley grass powder more enjoyable for them. Young barley grass, a total complete food, is a perfect complement to a child’s complete and nutrient-rich meals. Recognized by science as the most nutritious among all green food, barley grass contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antiodixants, and enzymes required to have proper functioning organs and immune system.

Young barley grass, which is closely related to dark green leafy vegetables in terms of nutrient composition, is normally harvested before it matures into grains to fully capture all its vital nutrients and enzymes. Adults and kids alike benefit from barley’s powerful ingredients.

Santé Choco Barley, which is under Santé International’s Santé Barley brand, is specifically formulated for children who cannot stand the taste of barley juice. Santé Choco Barley is a smooth and creamy chocolate drink with 250mg of organic young barley grass powder. The barley grass powder is perfectly mixed with cocoa powder.

This can be consumed hot or cold. For hot drink, empty one 15g sachet of Santé Choco Barley in 180ml hot water. Stir well and enjoy. For cold drink, dissolve the contents of one sachet in approximately 30ml of hot water. Stir briskly then add cold water to make a glass (180ml) of cold Santé Choco Barley.

One box of the halal-certified, Superbrands winner Santé Choco Barley contains 10 sachets, with a suggested retail price of P290.

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Santé Choco Barley