League Wallet is now–GREENIUM



As formally launched during the Salvo 2020 celebrations, Santé’s own currency, the League Wallet, will now be called, Greenium.


Santé has welcomed a new promising decade ahead with its own currency that truly establishes its own sense of identity and a sense of ownership of all the things its business owners altogether have accomplished.


Now with their GREENIUMs, Santé Business Owners may conveniently and comfortably start to easily buy Santé products, purchase Mobile Airtime, and transfer funds to a fellow Santé Business Owner anytime and anywhere!


Santé aims to make Greenium stronger to serve its business owners better. Greenium will serve as a premium currency that its business owners would be proud to use whenever and wherever. Truly, Santé lives up to its promise of helping people live better lives.


Santé offers products that improve the quality of life of people around the world. And as you start the decade right, it promises to continue providing premier organic health and wellness products and services with Santé Barley at its core.


To learn more about Santé and its array of products, visit its website at https://main.santebarley.com/ph/.