We, at Santé, encourage more to join the movement as we target to hit over 100,000 Santé NutriPair Advocates!

Over 1,000 business owners have been doing the Santé NutriPair Habit and are already Santè NutriPair Advocates. So, if you haven’t done it yet, make sure to start your Day 1 now and see how that one simple act can spread awareness to more people on living a healthy lifestyle by practicing a daily habit—such as the Santé NutriPair Habit.

The #SanteNutriPairHabit is a movement to help raise awareness that it is doable to develop healthy habits towards eventually building a healthy lifestyle through our top two products Sante Barley™ (Santé Barley™ Powder and Santé Barley™ Capsules) and Daily-C (500mg and 750mg).

Our NutriPair: Sante Barley and Daily-C

Sante Barley™ is certified organic barley grass all the way from Santé New Zealand, that has nutrients such as Zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamins and so much more. Daily-C, on the other hand, is non-acidic sodium ascorbate. Daily-C is high in alkaline — which helps prevent stomach irritation — perfect for people who are prone to hyperacidity.

No medicine, food and dietary supplement can prevent or cure COVID-19 infection. But we believe that health that is well taken-care of is important for supporting our immune system. Nutrition-rich dietary habits coupled with vitamins and supplements can surely reduce the likelihood of developing health problems.


Join #TheSanteNutriPairHabit for 7 days and Become a #SanteNutripairAdvocate!

The Santé Nutripair Habit is simple really – drink a capsule of Daily-C everyday with a glass of Santé Barley™. 
This month of April, we started #TheSanteNutriPairHabit for 7 days. In just a few weeks, we have over 1,000+ participants ((1) #thesantenutripairhabit – Explore | Facebook).


Here’s how:

If you find yourself wanting to be part of this health revolution and champion a healthy lifestyle with Santé’s power pair Santé Barley™ and Daily-C, join us by doing the social media video challenge of taking your Daily C with your Sante Barley™ drink – tagging three (3) friends or family members whom you want to be healthy as well – and highlighting the many benefits of this daily habit – creating a chain of NutriPair advocates. For sample videos, check it out here  ((1) #thesantenutripairhabit – Explore | Facebook).


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