Adrienne Palmos: His journey toward healing and health

Adrienne Palmos was devastated after learning in 2013 that he had lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. Little did he know it would be the start of his fulfilling journey toward healing and health.

Adrienne, who used to work as a restaurant manager in one of Metro Manila’s premier areas, recalled that the disease began to manifest a year earlier when he discovered rashes spreading across his back, stomach, and head. Rashes also began to gradually form on his face but he initially dismissed them as a simple case of acne.

Little did he know it would be the start of his fulfilling journey toward healing and health.

I began to really worry after I noticed that a sun exposure would aggravate my rashes. I became too sensitive to the sun and almost all types of food except fruits, vegetables, and a little amount of beef,” he said in a mix of English and Filipino. “During my worse days, I would be forced to skip work for a month because I would look like a demon – imagine rashes as big as one peso coin full of small pus forming in my face. The rashes on my back were bigger and way worse.”

From 2013 to 2015, he consulted different doctors and was prescribed various medicines. But the medicines, he said, would only give him temporary relief and the disease would again wreak havoc on his body after a week of taking his medications. Hopping from one doctor to the next, all his physicians had given him this grim verdict: there was no cure to his illness.

It was a desperate time for him. A female colleague of his who suffered from the same illness died six months after her diagnosis. “I was also resigning from work because my disease was getting worse and I was feeling awful. As a result of lupus, I got ulcer, I became anemic, and I had difficult time sleeping. I only weighed 50 kilos then.”

Undeterred, the 5’11” hotel and restaurant management graduate still had hope of getting well. He tried all kinds of products, including herbal-based supplements, and even consulted a folk healer in his province upon the urging of his family. But nothing provided him with positive results.

The need to find a home-based job had kept him busy as well. Not wanting to be a burden to his family once he left his job, Adrienne aimed to have an opportunity to earn enough while staying at home.

I could not believe that there is such a business here in the Philippines and that it is possible to get rich and earn more

It was around this period that he stumbled upon the YouTube videos of Santé Barley endorser and television personality Kim Atienza. In these videos, Kuya Kim, the TV personality’s famous moniker, discussed various ways to earn money by being a Santé Barley distributor. He also delved into the powerful and healthy properties of barley grass, the most nutritious of all plant food as declared by science.

God answered my prayers. He showed me how to make an extra income… I became interested in Kuya Kim’s Santé Barley videos. I could not believe that there is such a business here in the Philippines and that it is possible to get rich and earn more here,” he said.

When he paid a visit to Santé International’s office in Ortigas for the first time, he initially inquired about the 100% organic Santé Pure Barley powdered juice so that he could use the product personally. After getting his last pay check, he decided to purchase not just the product but also the e-Builder Pack to avail of the discount and become a business owner himself.

Adrienne did not stop there. He also consulted Dr. Ronaldo “Ron” Unidad, an in-house doctor at Santé Wellness Centre, a Santé International affiliate, about lupus and attended his series of lectures to learn more about the benefits of barley grass.

“When I first attended Doc Ron’s talk, I was thinking, ‘Is it true that I could be healed in eight weeks?’ I could not believe it. But I decided to have an open mind because I believe in the saying, ‘What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.’ I believed in Doc Ron. I began to attend his weekly talk and it became a big blessing to me when I started drinking the barley juice,” he said.

He religiously drank four to six sachets of Santé Pure Barley juice daily. After a month, his skin started to improve and he gradually gained weight. As the rashes faded and disappeared, he began to feel good about himself. He can now freely eat what he wants and be exposed to the sun without fear. For three months, he followed this regimen without let-up.

Doc Ron saw the impressive results. In one of his lectures, he asked Adrienne to come to the podium where he declared him lupus-free. Today, Adrienne consumes one to two glasses of barley juice daily as “preventive maintenance” taken alongside Santé Barley’s Daily-C.

As a business owner for three years, Adrienne is continuously making great progress. He reached the executive director level a year after joining Santé Barley then he transitioned into a franchisee another year after that. Around 70 per cent of his clients to date are from Japan and other parts of Asia. For December 2017,he expects to hit the P200,000-mark in total monthly sales and to qualify for Santé Barley’s Asian Cruise 2017.

Moreover, to maintain his ideal weight, he regularly goes to Santé IMPACT System, a fitness and rehabilitation facility, where he joined the “Bring Sexy Back” program.

Santé Barley is my passion, my ministry. To excel, I continue to study the business diligently.

Adrienne said he owed much of his transformation to Santé Barley. “Santé Barley is my passion, my ministry. To excel, I continue to study the business diligently. I also reach out to people living in Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and Ilocos, among others, just to talk about the products and their health benefits. That is our focus of our discussions – health and not money. I transformed at a different level.”

As he is now on his way to strengthening his business and maintaining his health, the new Adrienne intends to pay it forward.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are not backed by scientific evidence and solely rely on the subject’s personal experience.