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Merfa Jien and her journey toward healing 

Davao del Sur, Philippines – March 13, 2018 – In 2015, Merfa Jien was in desperate search for a natural cure for her goiter when she chanced upon the powerful properties of barley grass on the internet. The former overseas Filipino worker who was employed as a teacher in Thailand for eight years had purchased various alternative options before but none had worked until she tried Santé Pure Barley juice.

Merfa had a series of suction procedures done on her as per her doctor’s advice but, she said, the swelling would be back just after two days. Her doctor had recommended an operation but she refused, saying an invasive surgery would be her last option. Unsatisfied with the results, she opted for natural healing but the outcome she was looking for did not come immediately as she had hoped. She, however, did not stop searching.

“The lump had only gotten bigger that breathing became very difficult for me. I would also feel exhausted all the time and my sleeping pattern was irregular,” Merfa recalled in Filipino.

Merfa decided to take a chance on the Santé Barley product, praying that it would be the right one for her. She found a business owner in her home province of Cagayan de Oro and ordered boxes which were sent to her in Thailand via a Filipino co-worker who was vacationing in the Philippines at that time. As soon as she received the products, her journey toward healing began.

The former OFW would consume a glass of the 100% organic powdered juice thrice a day before each meal. Three days after taking the juice, she experienced a remarkable improvement in health. She felt better with her sleeping pattern gradually returning to normal.

Merfa said that before she started consuming the product, she decided to measure her neck so she could keep track of her progress.  The original measurement was 41 centimeters, then a week later, it went down to 40 cms then 39 cms by the end of 2015. Now, the goiter is hardly visible.

Merfa believed that she was healed of her other medical conditions as well, namely a blocked aorta and a breast lump, as a result of taking the product. She has stopped taking any medication completely and has instead been constantly drinking the Santé Barley juice.

In 2016, the 48-year-old decided to come home for good and start her own business. While she has a sari-sari store in Cagayan de Oro, she wanted to embark on a direct selling business — taking her healing as a sign that this field is meant for her. She is now a branch operator in Digos City, Davao del Sur, establishing her own network of business partners in the city, and overseas in Thailand, and Singapore.

Merfa is determined to make it big because she is confident that she can fulfill all her life dreams — including owning her own house and car and opening new branches in nearby areas – through the Santé business. Once her business takes off in the Philippines, she plans to build a stronger one in Thailand.

Santé Barley has transformed Merfa’s life completely, especially in terms of her health, and she has no plans of slowing down. She intends to sustain her health gains and bring her business to higher level of growth and development.


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