Lowella Durano: Experiencing Santé Barley’s transformative effects

Quezon City, Philippines — Every month, Lowella Durano, a mother of one, would suffer excruciating pain in her lower abdomen for five straight days. Her dysmenorrhea was so severe that it would render her incapacitated, irritated, and bedridden for almost a week.

“My second day was the worst. The experience was extremely agonizing that sometimes I would be tempted to ask to be rushed to the emergency room… Rather than be taken to the hospital, however, I would just take one capsule of pain reliever every 4 hours and apply hot compress. If those did not work, I would look for a comfortable position to ease my pain. That had caused me a great deal of stress,” Lowella said in a mix of English and Filipino.

The doctor’s diagnosis was endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids caused by hormonal imbalance. Besides surgery, there are no specific medicines effectively addressing these medical conditions except to wait for a woman’s menopausal period when the tumors– if benign – are expected to shrink as her menstruation ceases. Lowella, who is in her 30s and still plans to have a second baby, went through a series of injections as a temporary solution and were only meant to slow down the growth of her cysts and fibroids.

God is really amazing. Probably, the reason I got sick in the first place is to serve as an inspiration to others

Lowella recalled that her battle with menstrual cramps began five years ago. Before that, the former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was leading a full life. As an employee of an international cruise line, where she was part of the Food and Beverage Department, the well-travelled young mom visited the world’s most beautiful places and tasted the most succulent cuisines.

Her ordeal began in 2012 following her decision to come home to the Philippines to start her café business. Starting a new life in her home country after decades of being an OFW – while managing her own coffee shop full time – was marked with difficult adjustments and challenges. Her medical conditions had further worsened her physical, mental, and emotional stress levels.

“I also advised my doctor that I would stop taking the injections. Although the treatment was costly for us, money was not the main reason we pushed through with our decision. It was the fear of the long-term side effects of the treatment,” said Lowella, who admitted feeling down during those days.

The first step toward her healing started when she embraced the fact that she had an illness and that her health woes were part of God’s grand design for her life. Her husband also tirelessly looked for alternative and natural medicines online to help alleviate her pain.

She tried different health supplements but none had worked until she was introduced to Santé Pure Barley. Lowella recalled that it was her husband, a chef in an international cruise line, who discovered the product after watching Santé Barley endorser Kim Atienza’s YouTube videos.

She was at first hesitant about the food supplement, especially after learning that Santé Barley is also a form of direct selling business. Upon her husband’s urging and out of love for her husband and daughter, she was convinced to meet an individual, who would later become her mentor, to know more about the product as well as the business.

Despite her doubts, she bought the product and regularly consumed four to six sachets of 100% organic Santé Pure Barley for a month. She also made a drastic lifestyle change, making sure that she would not only eat fruits and vegetables but would also exercise regularly and get enough sleep.

After religiously taking the juice for three months and sticking to her new healthy habits, Lowella said her menstrual cramps had completely disappeared. Aside from Santé Pure Barley, she also drinks Daily-C and uses Santé Moments napkins and partyliners, which she endorses to her female relatives and friends.

“God is really amazing. Probably, the reason I got sick in the first place is to serve as an inspiration to others who are in same situation as I was several years ago. My illness also came at a time when I had been praying to God to help me lead a purpose-driven life as my gratitude to all our blessings. My life now has a sense of direction and purpose. As a business owner, I am able to meet and help new people from all walks (of life),” she said.

Lowella sold her coffee shop to a friend to become a full-time Santé business owner. She attended various training sessions and workshops to strengthen her knowledge of the Santé products. Due to her dedication and hard work, Lowella reached the executive director level in one year and became qualified for Santé’s Hong Kong trip, one of Santé’s incentives to high-performing business owners.

“I want to help other people become healthier and if they are interested, I also introduce the business to them,” she said.

Today, Lowella is leading a healthy, quality life. With less stress, she is now able to spend more quality time with her teenage daughter thanks to the Santé business opportunity.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are not backed by scientific evidence and solely rely on the subject’s personal experience.