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How to become a Sante Barley Member?  

  • To become a Member you shall meet the following requirements:

    Member must be of legal age in the state, territory or country of their domicile; Have a Sponsoring Member from SANTE International, Inc. Complete the on-line Registration Form on the official website of the Company; Purchase a Retailer kit and/or any of Sante’s Product Pack.
  • A Member will be given one or more Business Account/s (BA) dependent on the type of product package he/she purchased to upgrade the membership.

    Depending on the Product Pack purchased, a member shall be entitled to several auxiliary business accounts to be paid thru commission deductions.
  • For registrations other than for a natural person,

    All legal documents along with stockholder details and board resolution for applying legal entity shall be produced. They shall be submitted within 10 days from the date of registration to the particular Company’s Headquarters. The Company has sole discretion to hold the commission, terminate registration upon failure to submit specified document within 30 calendar days from date of registration.
  • No person, whether natural or juridical shall have two (2) or more primary business accounts.

    Sante reserves the right to withhold commissions, suspend and terminate membership of any person found to be violating the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  • In the event of any changes in Directorships or Shareholder in said entities

    They shall immediately inform the Company the change(s) and the Company shall have the right at its sole discretion to terminate or confirm their Membership.
  • If an individual submits multiple on-line Registration Forms which lists different sponsors,

    Only the first completed registration received by the Company will be accepted.
  • The individual will only be a Member if his registration is received and accepted by the Company.

    The Company has the right to accept or decline any registration at its sole discretion.
  • An individual or entity

    Shall not apply as a Member using a fictitious, false, simulated, assumed and/or dummy name.
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