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About Santé Barley


SANTE Barley is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in the Philippines. We offer premier organic health and wellness products and services aimed at helping improve quality of life.

Founded in 2008, SANTE Barley is governed by a formidable team of leaders backed by a combined marketing experience of 50 years. We built and continue to drive business growth through the dedication of our independent distributors.

Driven by our promise to bring best-value wellness products and services in every home, SANTE Barley is committed to equip and empower our distributors who serve as the channel towards a healthy and active lifestyle for our consumers.

THE SANTE Barley STORY - How Barley Became SANTE’s Green Pasture

Sante Barley Directors

The grass was always greener on the other side for others, but not on ours though. This was the sad reality for my partners and me when we started our very first networking company.


We were puzzled by the challenges that we faced. Network marketing was always our passion and have always believed in its power to help people live better lives.

Questions led to even more questions until we finally got down to the very root of it: Not only are we  to help people but it should be partnered with the right product to help them with.


In 2007, our Team learned about the powerful properties of Barley, a product that is endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration, but had yet to make its presence known in the Philippines. In no time, we set our product development team to research on the wholesome goodness of Barley.  Assured of its powerful properties, we decided to develop a comprehensive selection of everyday products that is Barley-based.


In 2008, SANTE was born.


Soon after, sales skyrocketed to levels none of us were prepared for. We had to scramble to maintain stock inventory. Testimonies came flooding in. Our branches tripled in number within a year. Distributors started earning more than their expectations. Requests for international operations from different parts of the world swamped our hotlines. We received breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough!


True to why we started, we are now helping people live better lives, with an improved quality of life plus a comfortable lifestyle. The passion that told us not to quit, is the same passion that drives us to forge ahead with even greater resolve.


Today, the grass is greener at Santé Barley.


Sante Barley Vision
A Global Provider of Premier Wellness Products and Services

Sante Barley Mission
Help People Live Better Lives

Sante Barley Values

  • Sincerity in Helping Others
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Courage to Try New Things
  • Humility and Truthfulness in our Actions
  • Positivity in Any Situation
  • Celebration for Every Win

The Grass Is Greener with Santé Barley.