How Can Barley Grass Help Build A Strong Immune System

How Can Barley Grass Help Build A Strong Immune System

How can barley grass help build a strong immunity?

  1. Contains important nutrients for immunity
  2. Easy to consume every day
  3. Available in various flavors and variants


Are you feeling fatigued no matter how much you rest? Or maybe you get frequent colds or experience digestive problems? You might also notice that your wounds don’t heal as fast. All of these are signs of a weak immune system. Nowadays, when you easily get sick, having a strong immunity to fight off pathogens is important. Fortunately, there is a health and wellness product called barley grass that can help you. Below, you will find out how barley grass can help build strong immunity. Read on!



Contains Important Nutrients For Immunity

Many factors can weaken your immune system. Along with older age, environmental toxins, chronic mental stress, lack of sleep, and excess weight, a poor diet is also one of the main culprits. Malnutrition, or having a diet lacking in certain nutrients can negatively affect the production and activity of your immune cells.


Consuming enough nutrients in your diet is crucial for the health of your immune cells. Vitamin C, zinc, iron, and protein are identified as some of the nutrients that are needed for the growth and function of immune cells.

For instance, vitamin C is known to encourage the production of white blood cells that are responsible for protecting your body against infection. But other than that, it also helps white blood cells function because it protects them from damage from free radicals.


Eating a varied and good quality diet can prevent deficiencies in nutrients. But some people cannot always consume a variety of healthy and nutritious foods or need more nutrients in their diet. In this case, supplements can help fill in the gap. The good news is that vitamin C, zinc, iron, and protein are nutrients that can easily be found in barley grass! Consuming it with a healthy diet can help you strengthen your immune system.



Easy To Consume Every Day


Easy To Consume Every Day

Barley grass is a popular ingredient in juices and smoothies. It is often combined with other greens. This plant can be tricky to find, but the good thing is that it’s available in capsule and powder forms!


Santé Barley is made from young barley grass that is grown on organic farms. Santé is the first company in the country to receive a certification from BioGro, the most important authority on organic products in New Zealand. That means that Santé Barley is guaranteed to have no artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and genetic modification. Only the freshest and healthiest barley grass can be found in Sante products!


Santé Barley Grass can help strengthen your immunity because it is easy to consume daily. You can choose what form you prefer. Each Santé Barley Capsule contains 500mg of pure barley grass powder while the Santé Barley Powder contains 3g per sachet and is blended with a natural sweetener, stevia. If you need more, you can also buy the Santé Barley Powder in Canister, which is available in 200g. It’s perfect for the whole family!



Available In Various Flavors And Variants

Are you a fan of coffee, green tea, or healthy snacks? The good news is, you can strengthen your immunity by consuming these! Santé offers the health beverage and snack series, so you can choose how you can take advantage of the immune-boosting benefits of Santé Barley.



  • Santé Fit N’ Trim: Contains green tea, zest of lemon, L-Carnitine, and Santé Barley grass powder.
  • Santé Fusion Coffee: Combines Robusta coffee beans and Santé Barley. 
  • Santé Boost Coffee: Mixture of Robusta coffee beans, Tongkat Ali, and Santé Barley grass powder.
  • Santé Choco Barley: Combination of chocolate drink mix with Santé Barley. 
  • Santé FibrEnergy: High-fiber snack with oats, chia seeds, and Santé Barley Grass as ingredients.


Aside from strengthening your immunity, these healthy beverages and snacks can help you with your other goals, such as managing your weight, helping you with your fitness goals, improving your mental alertness for work, and others!

Santé Barley can also be paired with Daily-C for a stronger immunity! This non-acidic vitamin C is gentler on the stomach and is also safe to be consumed every day.



Key Takeaway

Now that you know how barley grass can help build strong immunity, you might be interested in purchasing our products here at Santé! Santé Barley is made from pure and organic barley grass, so it’s free from harmful additives and pesticides.


You can take advantage of Santé Barley’s pure goodness and experience the health benefits it can provide — such as a strengthened immunity. Pair our capsules and powder with Daily-C for extra immunity or choose from our healthy beverages and snacks to experience a variety of healthy goodness as well!


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