What it takes to be #BIOGROCERTIFIED

The BioGro logo is the most recognized organic logo in New Zealand—the mark of a genuine organic product. And Santé is the first Filipino-owned company to actually carry the label!

BioGro is one of two New Zealand agencies recognized by the New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to audit and verify that organic products are produced according to regulations. Organic certification indicates that an organization commits to produce according to organic principles.

The certification process includes checking a producer’s Organic Management Plan and conducting an annual audit. As such, BioGro has visited Santé farms, packing facilities, warehouses, stores and manufacturing operations to make sure practices meet their organic standards and requirements.

Only when BioGro’s organic requirements have been met, does a producer receive BioGro certification.

To be BioGro Certified means that organic products bearing the BioGro trademarks and logos are processed in accordance with the BioGro Standard—therefore, what did it take for Santé to be BioGro Certified?


  1. Our manufacturers have met the production requirements and audit criteria for the certification and licensing by BioGro of processors of organic products.
  2. Our products that have passed are authorized to use the BioGro trademarks and logos in accordance with guidelines provided by BioGro.
  3. Products are made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of pesticide.
  4. Warehousing facilities have met BioGro standards when audited by a BioGro representative.
  5. Documentary evidence of organic certification can be supplied on request and all exports come with independent test results to support product claims.
  6. Santé Business Owners are selling products that are authorized to carry the internationally recognized BioGro logo on its label.
  7. The BioGro logo on the box or canister assures Santé Business Owners and its customers that products they buy and consume are certified organic—free of pesticides, free of chemical preservatives, and free of chemical fertilizers.
  8. Santé Barley grass journey begins in the BioGro Certified organic farms, to the BioGro-certified production and storage facilities and then to you. You are assured of the best organic barley grass available in the market today.

Indeed, Santé Barley grass is BioGro Certified Organic—the best in its class, a cut above the rest.