Vitamin C

Taste New Zealand From Home

What if you could experience New Zealand in the comforts of your home—for free? 
 Pasig City, Metro Manila [July 8, 2021]—What comes to mind when the words “New Zealand” is heard—a stunning imagery of plummeting waterfalls, snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine blue waters that you can drink straight from, and of course, its lush gorgeous greeneries all […]
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7 Health Benefits of Vitamin C in Your Body

What are the health benefits of vitamin C? Provides antioxidant benefits Boosts the immune system Supports brain function Reduces high blood pressure Decreases uric acid level Prevents anemia Protects against scurvy   As a nutritionally dense plant, barley grass is full of vitamins and minerals that provide tremendous health effects on the body. It has […]
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