Kuya Kim, Leading a Multi-faceted Life in His 50s

At the age of 51, nothing seems to stop Kim Atienza, better known as “Kuya Kim,” from achieving anything he sets his mind to. From doing one activity to another, it’s hard to imagine how he goes above and beyond when it comes to family, career, and even sports. Developing a healthy routine Kuya Kim shares that […]
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Filipino triathletes on triathlon, training, and beyond  

Pasig City—November 22, 2018—At first glance, triathlon looks intimidating but, who wouldn’t when you have to bike, swim, and run all in one event?  Some triathletes even consider the sport as an ultimate endurance challenge, requiring not only the gear but also strenuous training.   The multi-discipline sport, however, didn’t seem to faze Sheilla Gagui, […]
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