Olympic swimmer Jessie Lacuna and triathlete Bea Grabador, to teach in Santé Fitness Lab

Pasig City—February 4, 2019—Santé Fitness Lab and Santé Lacuna Swim School announce today its partnership in a bid to strengthen their drive in sports development particularly in swimming at Relish Luxe Café in Pasig City.

Joey Marcelo, CEO of Santé, believes that the Santé Lacuna Swim Class is a step towards the fulfillment of Santé Fitness Lab’s vision of creating champions in sports particularly in the field of swimming as well as being a global leader in providing holistic and innovative fitness programs and sports rehabilitation.


“Finally, we are pleased to announce that Santé Fitness Lab will now offer swimming classes through Santé Lacuna Swim School. We consider this as a milestone for us, especially that this can help level up our offerings and hone champions,” said Marcelo.


A premier one-stop fitness center, the Santé Fitness Lab not only serve as a gym but also a hub that offers comprehensive training programs from professional and everyday athletes. The fitness center, which has Sports Development programs, will start offering swimming lessons through Santé Lacuna Swim School.


Present at the contract signing are Bea Grabador, professional swimmer and triathlete and Jessie Khing Lacuna, Olympian and swimmer. The two are both prominent figures in the field of swimming in and outside of the country and will be spearheading the Santé Lacuna Swim School. Lacuna’s swimming credentials range from being: two-time Olympian (London 2012 & Rio 2016), two-time Asian Games Qualifier (Shanghai 2010 & Incheon 2014), five-time Southeast Asian Games Qualifier (Laos 2009, Palembang2011, Nay Phi Taw 2013, Singapore 2015, Kuala Lumpur 2017), three-time Silver Medalist for Southeast Asian Games (Laos 2009, Palembang 2011, Singapore 2015), Several Worlds Championship (2011-2017).


“The partnership between Santé Fitness Lab and Santé Lacuna Swim School really comes from passion. I owe it to Sir Joey, who was my student in swimming, for giving me one shot,” said Grabador.


Commenting on the partnership, Lacuna said, “we’re extremely excited about this partnership since we all share the same vision in building the swimming community. We’re really thankful to Sir Joey and Santé for giving us a chance and opportunity to have a platform where we can share our skills,” said Lacuna.


“Through this partnership, Filipino athletes will have access to world class facility and training. We’re happy to go on with our mission to produce the next champions and future Olympians through the grass root level,” Grabador added.

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