Is your child ready for the busy days in school?

Pasig City—June 22, 2018—After spending a fun-filled summer break, it’s time for our children to get used with the busy days in school. With the recent opening of another school year, some kids are sure to get excited about their daily activities in class—but, others may not be that eager. These kids may feel a little overwhelmed by the fact that they need to get up earlier than usual, take on their classes, as well as deal with their homework.

As parents, it’s a key concern for us to support our children as they go through their busy days. And, what better ways to do it than ensuring that they get proper nutrition through the “baon” that we prepare every day?

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), proper nutrition is essential for your child’s development. Through a healthy diet, it can help improve children’s cognitive functions and academic performance, especially that the specific vitamins and minerals are found in nutritious foods.

To help you plan your kid’s “baon,” Santé listed the top things that you should consider to ensure healthier and more enjoyable school meals.

Follow the food pyramid guide. According to the Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramid released by Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), schoolchildren should eat a daily meal, composed of the right portions of GO, GROW, and GLOW food.

For kids, ages seven to 12, their every meal should include four to six servings of Go food (rice, corn, root crops, bread, and noodles), 1/3 to ½ serving of Glow food (vegetables, one medium serving of fruits), two to 2 1/3 servings of Grow food (fish, shellfish, meat & poultry, egg, dried beans, and nuts), and small portions of Fats and Oils, as well as Sweets.

For your kid’s next “baon,” you can get creative in mixing and matching the food that you’ll prepare by following this guide. It will also help so that you can get smart food choices.

Limit your child’s intake of sweet, salty, and fatty food. The guide also specified that kids should only get small portions of sugary food. At an early age, cutting sweets in their daily meals and snacks can reduce the risk of obesity and tooth decay. Reducing your kids’ salty and fatty food intake, on the other hand, is essential to prevent chronic diseases.

Keep your child hydrated. Aside from the solid portions of food intake, the pyramid guide also recommends regular drinking of six to eight glasses of water to keep children hydrated while they are in school. These liquids may also include juices and other beverages that contain essential vitamins and minerals.

You may also consider giving your child a healthy drink, made with organic ingredients like the young barley grass.

Young barley grass, a total complete food, is a perfect complement to a child’s regular meal. Recognized by science as the most nutritious among all green food, barley grass contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and enzymes required to have proper functioning organs and immune system.

One exciting example of this healthy drink is Choco Barley. This is a smooth and creamy chocolate drink with 250mg of organic Santé Barley. Harvested from Santé’s New Zealand farm, Santé Barley is perfectly mixed with cocoa powder and can be consumed hot or cold.

For a hot drink, empty one 15g sachet of Choco Barley in 180ml hot water then, stir well and enjoy.

For the cold drink, dissolve the contents of one sachet in approximately 30ml of hot water. Stir briskly then add cold water to make a glass (180ml) of cold Choco Barley.

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