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We offer premier organic health and wellness products and services aimed at helping people live better lives.


Pioneer in the barley industry

Barley was Santé’s flagship product in 2007. We were the first to introduce barley and its benefits to the Philippine market.

Premier, world-class products

Our barley products are grown on Sante-owned manufacturing facilities certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s premier organic certification agency. Only the purest, freshest barley reaches you.

Improving quality of life

Barley is a nutritional powerhouse. We have many positive and glowing accounts from long-time customers and business owners who attest to its benefits.

Trusted and reliable network

We have a trusted community of knowledgeable business owners trained and vetted by Santé who stand by our products.


We produce the world’s best certified organic pure barley grass from New Zealand while giving livelihood opportunities to our global network of business owners.

Santé Business

We are one of the fastest growing direct selling companies globally with over 100,000 registered business owners and growing everyday, offering a rewarding business opportunity to individuals.

Quality Products

With our flagship pure barley grass from New Zealand, we offer variety of products that suits your healthy lifestyle—from nutraceutical series, health beverage series, bath & body series and more!

Business Education

We believe in empowering our business owners with the right training and are currently developing online learning modules to help them succeed and grow with us.

Learn More about our Success Stories

More than a producer of health and wellness products, Santé encourages local involvement from the communities it engages with. There are many whose lives have been uplifted by being a Business Owner of Santé products.


Santé Barley™’s products range from nutraceuticals, bath, body, personal and skincare products to support your healthy lifestyle. All our barley-infused products contain 100% young organic barley grass.