Benefits of Pure Barley Grass

Benefits of Pure Barley Grass

What are the benefits of choosing pure barley grass?

  1. More emphasis on nutrients
  2. Made with two ingredients
  3. Grown on an organic farm
  4. Easily used in recipes


Barley grass is taken for its many health benefits. Studies have shown that it can improve blood sugar levels and protect your heart. But what is the difference when you choose pure barley grass? Many people are confused about this topic. To help you understand the benefits of choosing the purest version, keep on reading!


More Emphasis On Nutrients

An elderly man reading a book with the help of pure barley grassSince you’re only getting the purest form of barley grass, you can ensure that you’ll be getting enough nutrients from this supplement. This is unlike other products with a lot of added ingredients which lessens the amount of barley grass itself.

Barley grass is rich in nutrients such as fiber, which have been shown to make you feel fuller for longer. It also protects your gut flora by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system. Aside from that, this plant is also rich in vitamins A, C, and K.

Studies have shown that people with a Vitamin A deficiency are more likely to experience night blindness. Consuming pure barley grass can help slow down vision problems related to age. On the other hand, vitamin C may be able to protect against cognitive problems as people age. Lastly, one of the benefits of Vitamin K is its role in the blood clotting process, which prevents excessive bleeding when a person is wounded.


Made With Two Ingredients

Pure Barley Grass PowderWith Santé, you’re certain that you’re only getting pure barley grass that is free from artificial food additives. This means that there is no synthetic sweetener used in the product itself. Only stevia, a potent sweetener from nature is added.

Stevia may be a better alternative for people who need to watch their glucose levels. A study has shown that stevia helped lower blood sugar and insulin levels in both lean and obese participants.

Since Santé’s pure barley grass is free from any artificial additives, the green color you will see from the powder is all-natural and safe. Even the capsule is made with vegetables to ensure that the contents will not be contaminated by added ingredients. This is opposed to tablets, which have binders to help maintain their shape.


Grown On An Organic Farm

Pure Barley Grass on a FarmDid you know that Santé Barley’s main ingredient, barley grass, is grown on an organic farm in New Zealand? Since they prioritize agriculture and forestry as one of their main industries, 11% of their labor force is employed in this sector. This means that they are very serious when it comes to farming.

One of their leading authorities when it comes to organic farming is BioGro. For businesses to certify their products as organic in New Zealand, they need to pass tight requirements that are set out by this trusted organization. Farmers and producers of these goods should show that all production passes the organic standards. An annual audit is also required.

When it comes to conventional farming, the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is the norm. Some also use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to produce more pest-resistant crops.

The good news is Santé Barley is also BioGro certified. This way, you’ll be assured that you’ll only consume pure barley grass that is free from GMOs, artificial fertilizers, and synthetic pesticides.


Easily Used In Recipes

Pure Barley Grass SmoothieAside from the capsule formulation, Santé Barley is also available in sachets and canisters. They contain the same ingredients, just in a different form. This makes this supplement versatile because you can take it in different ways.

The simplest way you can consume this drink is to mix it with water. But have you tried mixing other ingredients with pure barley grass? One advantage of using pure ingredients is that it is easier to customize. For example, you can combine them with other fruits and vegetables to change up your drinks from time to time.

Aside from drinks, you can also make other meals with barley grass. You can use it to make healthier versions of panini, cream puffs, and snap cookies. This way, the entire family can enjoy it in other ways. For the full recipes, you can click here.


Key Takeaway

You may already know the benefits of barley grass. But what about pure barley grass? The latter is grown from an organic farm, made with only two ingredients. It puts more emphasis on nutrients and is customizable in recipes.

Since Santé Barley is BioGro certified, you can be assured that what you’re taking is organic and free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The pure barley grass is only sweetened naturally by Stevia and is free from any colorants and additives. This way, you can focus more on the health benefits of the barley grass itself. You can opt to take capsules or use the powdered versions in different recipes.

Santé Barley also offers other variations of pure barley grass such as Fusion Coffee, Barliccino, Boost Coffee, Choco Barley, Fit N’ Trim, and FibrEnergy. You can also check bath and body care, intimate care, oral care, and skincare products infused with this healthy ingredient.