Santé Barley: Helping People Take Care of Themselves So They Can Take Care Of Others

Living amidst a global health crisis is no easy feat. We won’t know when the virus will truly be gone, so we have to be extra careful with our health. But despite this, there are many Filipinos who have stepped up in their roles to help others. Santé is here to help people take care of themselves, so they can take care of others.

Unsung Heroes During The Global Pandemic

Unsung Heroes During The Global Pandemic

Even with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we Filipinos are continuing to show our resilience and perseverance daily, especially the front-line workers in various industries. 

In healthcare, there are our doctors, nurses, and other medical workers who help patients receive treatment. In foods and goods, there are grocery cashiers, supply chain workers, and the like who ensure that we can get food to eat. In public safety, we can’t forget the individuals working in law enforcement, fire fighting, and security. To ensure that transport is ongoing, there are drivers and other public transport workers who do their best to work daily. 

Other than these front-line workers, let’s not forget people who have and will continue to take care of their loved ones, especially ones that are sick, vulnerable, or immunocompromised. All of us, in our own ways, are unsung heroes during the pandemic. 

Jane De Leon, New Santé Ambassador

Jane De Leon, New Santé Ambassador

Jane De Leon, an actress known for the upcoming Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV series, is now the newest ambassador for the Santé Barley and Daily-C! Jane represents hardworking and dedicated Filipinos who act as heroes for their families, and embodies what Santé is all about — which is helping everyone live better lives. Other than her roles in her movies and teleseryes, she always makes it a point to help others. 

Importance of Taking Care of Yourself First

Just like Jane in her superhero role, everyday heroes put others before themselves. But unlike superheroes who have powers, you need to take care of yourself, before you worry about others. There’s only so much that the body can take, and it’s even easier to get sick nowadays because of the pandemic!

As an everyday hero, your main source of power is your health. That’s why if you get sick or feel weak, you will have a hard time helping others. Before you can be a hero for others, you need to ensure that you are strong and healthy. 

Practicing self-care doesn’t mean that you are choosing yourself while forgetting others. It only means that you are mindful of your own needs so you can support people you care about. 

How Santé Can Help You Start Taking Care of Yourself While Caring for Others

How Santé Can Help You Start Taking Care Of Yourself While Caring For Others

Taking care of yourself doesn’t require an elaborate plan. The most important thing is to maintain your physical and mental health, so you are better equipped to handle daily stressors! As a company that aims to help others live better lives, we can help you here at Santé!

Our health products are made to empower modern-day heroes in every Filipino:

Santé Barley for Overall Health

Santé Barley is our flagship product. It’s made with young barley grass, which is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The barley grass is organically grown in New Zealand to ensure that it’s free from harmful chemicals and additives. It’s available in capsule and powder forms!

Each glass or capsule of Santé Barley can strengthen the body because it’s full of vitamin C, zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, B-vitamins, amino acids, and more. All of these work together to ensure that your mind and body function properly, so you can take better care of others.

Daily C for a Boost in Immunity

Your immune system is responsible for helping your body fight infections and other diseases. During the global health crisis that we’re facing today, there’s no guarantee whether the virus will truly be gone. But despite that, we have to keep on going — whether working as front liners or taking care of our loved ones. So the only way to be safe is to boost your immunity!

And what’s the best thing known for improving the immune system? Vitamin C! This vitamin also improves iron absorption, formation of collagen, and also wound healing.

Santé Daily-C is made of ascorbic acid, which is neutralized with sodium, so it’s gentler on the tummy. You can choose from three variants:

  • Daily-C 500mg
  • Daily-C 750mg
  • Daily-C Plus, with Zinc for added immunity and protection

Daily-C comes in vegetable capsules, so they’re perfect if you’re a vegetarian. 

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re a front-line worker or an individual who works to support your family — there’s a hero in all of us. But unlike superheroes with formidable bodies and a range of superpowers, your main source of power is your health. By neglecting it, you won’t be able to do your best for others. Here at Santé, we are dedicated to helping people take care of themselves so they can take care of others! Our main aim is to help people live better lives. 

That’s why if you want to be a hero for others, don’t forget to take Santé’s premier health and wellness products. Santé Barley is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are good for overall health. Daily-C is a non-acidic vitamin C supplement that is gentle on the tummy and will boost immunity.

Santé’s variety of products is sure to suit your healthy lifestyle, make a purchase by reaching out to any of our independent Business Owners. Level up your Santé experience with discounted products and a Santé business of your own! Come join us in the Santé Partnership Program. If you are already an existing business owner, log in and click here to order products at the My Santé Store website or download the app on IOS and Android.