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Our Vision

A Global Provider of Premier Wellness Products and Services

Our Mission

Help people live better lives

True to why we started, we are now helping people live better lives with an improved quality of life and a comfortable lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Sincerity in Helping Others
Pursuit of Excellence
Courage to Try New Things
Humility and Truthfulness in our Actions
Positivity In Any Situation
Celebration for Every Win


Santé International is one of the fastest growing distribution and direct selling companies in the Philippines, offering premier organic health and wellness products and services designed to improve the quality of life of Filipinos and other people around the world.

Founded in 2007, Santé International launched the Santé Barley brand during the same year. Its formidable team of leaders is backed by a combined marketing experience of over 50 years.

At Santé International, we continuously build and help drive business growth through our dedicated and independent business owners. Driven by our promise to bring value-added wellness products and services to  every home, we are committed to equipping and empowering our business owners who serve as our channel toward promoting healthy and active lifestyle among our consumers.


Santé International aims to help people live a healthier life.

When we first opened our doors in 2007 as a direct selling company, we were faced by a number of challenges. Undaunted, we carried on with our journey, bearing in mind that direct selling, which is our passion, has the power to help people live better lives.

Our unimaginable ascend began after we had gotten to the root of the main issue hindering our success. To succeed, we realized that we needed to combine our commitment to help people with the right product offerings.

In 2007, the year the Santé Barley brand was born, our team learned about the powerful properties of barley grass. The US Food and Drug Administration in a rare move allowed manufacturers of barley-based products to make a claim that their offerings may help reduce the risk of heart disease.  During this period, barley-based products had yet to fully penetrate the Philippine market. In no time, our product development team researched on the wholesome goodness of barley grass. Assured of barley grass’ powerful properties and proven health benefits, we decided to develop a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products.

Soon after, sales skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. We scrambled to maintain stock inventory in light of the fast rising demand for our products, fueled by positive testimonies from a growing number of product users. Our branches tripled in number within a year. Business owners started earning beyond their expectations, while requests to bring our products to international markets swamped our hotlines. Our efforts had led to breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.

True to our commitment, we are now helping people live better and more comfortable lives. Our passion that has kept us going despite the challenges is the same thing that is continuously driving us to forge ahead with even greater resolve.

Today, Santé International and its Santé Barley brand are a force to reckon with in the local health and wellness field.


Chief Executive Officer

Joey Marcelo

Joey is a visionary leader and veteran marketing professional with a vast knowledge of network marketing, compensation and system development, business management, and systems analysis and design. He embarked on direct selling in 2000 or six years after completing his industrial management engineering course from De La Salle University (DLSU).

Today, Joey is one of the most sought-after speakers and renowned leaders in direct selling and network marketing in the Philippines and abroad. He has, in fact, graced several editions of the Mastermind Event in the United States as a speaker and panelist, including sessions held in 2016 and 2017. In 2014, he also attended an International Multi-Level Marketing Training organized by Mastermind Event, one of America’s prestigious annual direct selling and network marketing conferences.

The Ironman Finisher got into multisport competitions beginning in 2012, prompting him to form Santé International’s own triathlon team during the same period. The CEO obtained his Master’s in Business Administration from DLSU in 2007.

Chief Operating Officer

Minerva Carag

Minette is a registered nurse and trusted project management consultant, drawing up financial plans, marketing techniques, organizational structure design, and product development strategies. Minette, the concurrent Managing Director of Santé Health and Fitness, Inc., is a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer who boasts 20 years of experience in sales, operations, and network marketing. She graduated magna cum laude from the Philippine Christian University.

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Maranan

Eric, a Certified Public Accountant, is an acclaimed outstanding business executive and marketing professional in the Philippines. He is one of the country’s 20 highest revenue-earning marketing practitioners today. A graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree major in Accountancy.

Chief Network Development Officer

Paul Caluag

A goal-oriented business administrator, Paul is a multi-awarded networker with more than 20 years of experience in the network marketing and direct selling industry. He is the former Vice President of the third largest property valuation company in the Philippines and is the previous President of Junior Chamber of Makati (Makati Jaycees). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the Philippine School of Business Administration. He also has an economics degree.

Managing Director, Sante New Zealand Limited

Peter Hope

Peter has brought to Santé New Zealand Limited his extensive, no-nonsense knowledge of organic farming. He is an authority in dairy and mixed sheep and cropping farming in New Zealand with proven track record in developing, marketing, and supporting Management Information System (MIS) and manufacturing system. He also boasts a 10-year experience in the Australasian minerals industry and is known for his expertise in managing the delivery of computing services to three large Australasian aluminum smelters.

Prior to taking over the Managing Director post, Peter was the General Manager of Claridges Organic Ltd, one of the oldest organic-focused export companies in New Zealand. His other previous positions in various organizations include General Manager Operations; General Manager; Operations and Projects Manager; Marketing Manager; and Manager Operations and Services.

Peter, a primary school teacher for seven years, holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce degree from Lincoln University.


  • - 2007

    • A group of veteran direct selling professionals formed Santé International to offer pure organic barley-based health and wellness products and a stable networking business opportunity for its distributors, or business owners.
    • The Santé Barley brand was launched in the Philippine market.
    • Negotiations between Santé International management and owners of farms of Canterbury Plains of New Zealand commenced for the latter to become the company’s regular source of barley grass.
    • Information technology company Big League Enterprise was established to oversee and manage the online accounts of Santé Barley product distributors. The system monitors the distributors’ commissions and payouts, among others.
  • - 2008

    • Santé International’s partnership with BioGro-certified New Zealand farms was successfully sealed.
  • - 2009-2010


    • Personal testimonies on the health benefits of Sante Barley came flooding in. Sales skyrocketed and Santé International scrambled to keep up with the demand.
    • Branches tripled in number within a year, while the business owners started earning beyond their expectations.
  • - 2011

    • Santé International experienced rapid growth. From hundreds of kilos of barley grass, the company began to import 50 tons, or around 50,000 kilos, of barley grass a year.
    • The company introduced Fusion Coffee as an addition to Sante’s Health Beverage and Snack Series.
    • Santé International introduced its Bath & Body and Intimate Care Series with the launch of C’est Bon anti-aging soap.
    • Filipino television personality Kim Atienza was tapped to become Santé Barley’s product ambassador.
  • - 2012

    • CEO Joey Marcelo, a triathlon enthusiast, created Sante’ Barley’s own triathlon team dubbed as Santé Barley Triteam in line with the company’s mission to help people lead healthier lives.
    • Choco Barley was added to Health Beverage and Snack series.
  • - 2013

    • Santé International continued to experience rapid ascent and growing demand for Santé Barley products here and abroad.
    • Franchising requests from abroad flooded the company.
    • With its myriad of health benefits, Green Tea L-Carnitine was launched under Health Beverage and Snack Series.
    • The construction of Santé’s Head Office and the Santé IMPACT System, a combined sports rehab and fitness center, began at Eton Cyberpod in Ortigas, Sante’ International’s headquarters.
    • Santé International also opened a regional office in Davao City to cater to the business owners and product users in Mindanao.
  • - 2014

    • Santé International collaborated with a Singaporean company to build the Santé brand.
    • During the collaboration, the Santé Barley logo was standardized; values were identified; and a meaningful yet easy-to-remember mission statement was formalized.
    • Integrative medicine clinic Santé Wellness Centre, a subsidiary of Santé International, was born to provide holistic and alternative approach to healing.
    • Santé International unveiled its toothbrush product.
    • Introduced Moments (liner and napkin) to add to Santé’s Bath & Body and Intimate Care Series
    • Santé International launched its Project X with the Santé Luxury Yacht where business owners can cruise along Manila and experience the high life.
  • - 2015

    • Santé Impact System (SImS) was officially launched as part of the Sante Health & Fitness Inc.
    • The company formally launched FibrEnergy, a powdered snack with barley, chia, and oats mix.
    • With the growing demand, Santé International constructed another regional office, this time in Cebu City, to cater to more business owners and product users.
    • With the global market as its benchmark, Santé International joined the premier Direct Selling Mastermind Event, a prestigious annual direct selling and network marketing conference in the United States.
  • - 2016

    • Santé International penetrated the UAE market, offering organic wellness products and rewarding business opportunity to Filipinos and UAE locals alike.
    • The company’s UAE branches are located in the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah.
    • Fresh and Clean Toothpaste was launched under Santé Barley’s Oral Care Series.
    • Sante’s CEO, Joey Marcelo, was invited to speak in the esteemed Mastermind Event held in Florida, USA.
  • - 2017

    • Santé International celebrated its 10th year.
    • The company held a soft launch of its Hong Kong and Singapore branches.
    • Santé International now runs 100 branches, with over 100,000 registered business owners in the Philippines, the UAE, Hong Kong, and Nigeria. The numbers are rapidly growing.
    • It launched new products, namely Pure Barley Premium, Boost Coffee, and Soleil.
    • The packaging design of its toothbrush product was redesigned to reflect the Santé Barley brand.
    • The company introduced Daily-C to its roster of Nutraceuticals
    • The company partnered with Ayala Land to build the 600-square-meter Santé Fitness Lab @ Vermosa Sports Hub in Cavite.
    • Once again, CEO Joey Marcelo was invited to the Mastermind Event, this time as one of its panelists.
  • - 2018

    • Launch of Sante Singapore, Nigeria, Bahrain, Qatar and Cyprus

The Grass Is Greener with Santé Barley.