Taste New Zealand From Home

What if you could experience New Zealand in the comforts of your home—for free? 

Pasig City, Metro Manila [July 8, 2021]—What comes to mind when the words “New Zealand” is heard—a stunning imagery of plummeting waterfalls, snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine blue waters that you can drink straight from, and of course, its lush gorgeous greeneries all around? New Zealand is truly nature’s playground, being the land that dazzles with breathtaking rich landscapes. 

Thus, it is true when it’s said that the grass is greener with Santé Barley. Its 100% organic, natural, and non-GMO signature barley grass products all come from the world’s center of agriculture and horticulture—the Canterbury region in New Zealand. 


At every stage, from farming, production, packing, to its distribution process, Santé practices ethical and organic standards, which ensures that Santé’s barley grass gets all the necessary macro and micronutrients, natural sunlight, airflow, and rainwater. The farms are all operated and 100% certified by BioGro Ltd. — the world’s most well-known certifier of organic products. This ensures that all our products are well-milled without any additives or chemicals.


What better way to experience New Zealand by tasting Santé Barley™ grass products for free at the comforts of your home? In the midst of all these lockdowns caused by the pandemic wherein it’s more difficult and riskier to travel leisurely, we bring you good news. You do not need to travel all the way to New Zealand to experience A Taste of New Zealand. You do not need to shell out hefty loads of cash to experience the freshness of its greeneries, as you can taste its goodness directly from our premium products.  

Be part of A Taste of New Zealand Tryout. All you have to do is to just sign up to get free samples of our products!


  1. Go to atonz.santebarley.com and choose two products you’d like to taste before you purchase:
  • PURE BARLEY (3g x 2 sachets), certified organic barley powder from New Zealand. Santé’s flagship product.
  • BARLEY PURE (10 capsules), certified organic barley powder from New Zealand in capsule form for your convenience.
  • FUSION COFFEE (15g x 2 sachets), your classic coffee made of Robusta beans and made healthy with Santé’s certified organic barley grass powder. 
  • CHOCO BARLEY (15g x 2 sachets), rich cocoa powder perfectly blended with Santé’s certified organic barley grass.

    When done choosing, proceed to checkout and enter your contact information then click ‘Register’.

    One of our Tryout Partners will personally get in touch with you to confirm your order details so they can ship out the Santé products to you. 

    4. Once you get your hands on the sample products, time to taste and feel New Zealand: Get a have a firsthand experience of New Zealand through your five senses: See, hear, taste, smell and feel!


Go and grab the opportunity because these are for free. No strings attached, guaranteed! With signing up, you get to experience New Zealand with your five senses: Taste the freshness and the purity of our barley. See firsthand how green our barley is. Smell the breeze of New Zealand greeneries through the aroma of our drinks. Hear great testimonies of our product in our website or social media pages. Feel how fine our barley powder is, for your enjoyment as you drink and feel the wonderful benefits these products bring to your health!