In the Eyes of Kick-Ass Obstacle Course Racers

Pasig City—November 11, 2019 – If you’re looking for a high-intensity and fast-paced action that will pump the heart and challenge the mind, then the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) might be the perfect one for you. As a sport, it involves overcoming various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. It includes hurdles that test strength and coordination, such as carrying heavy objects, climbing up ropes, scaling walls, or navigating monkey bars. The environment also adds challenge to the OCR, as the terrain could be wet, slippery, and muddy with the temperature being hot or freezing.

Nowadays, OCR has already exploded onto the scene with no signs of slowing down, especially with the growing number of athletes joining many races in the country and abroad, happening throughout the year.

The thrill of OCR

For athletes Chloe Jane Ong and Patricia Anne Castillo, OCR is the ultimate activity to test your yourself out, both physically and mentally. As a triathlete, Ong shared how she has been hooked to the sport because of its action-packed challenges, which even out the competition for athletes of all types.

“OCR is very challenging, and it has balance; whether you are a lifter or a runner, the playing field is leveled that you are neither ahead nor behind since you have to battle your way throughout the course to the finish line,” she said.

Patricia Castillo, a former member of a dragon boat racing team, on the other hand, considers OCR as the most electrifying sport she has ever participated in as it needs mental and physical endurance.

“I’ve joined different sporting events, and for me, OCR is, indeed, more exciting. It’s not a stagnant sport with only one movement; you are expected to run and then, conquer obstacles. You also don’t know the obstacle you’ll see next so, there is excitement and challenge if you can do it or not. There is the varied cross-training, you gain more friends, and meet a lot of people,” said Castillo.

A sport for everyone

Despite being perceived as a tough race, Ong said that OCR is a sport for everyone. Just like any other physical activity, OCR is beneficial to health since it is a brisk exercise that strengthens the bones, works every muscle, helps brain function, and is good for the heart.

“OCR involves movement throughout the body. It is a vigorous sport that tests your body and mind to its limits. It also motivates and gives you a feeling of accomplishment whenever you overcome the obstacles,” added Ong.

For Castillo, OCR is just like a big playground for adults. “I encourage everyone, especially gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, to join the open events so they can experience it. The obstacles can be hard, but it is only a matter of a familiarization. Once you get the hang of it, then you’ll get to enjoy the sport.”

Conquering the biggest obstacles

Ong and Castillo recently qualified and competed at the Spartan World Championships, powered by Rakuten, held on September 28-29 in North Lake Tahoe. As the highest and toughest OCR competition, qualified athletes from more than 30 countries were gathered to compete and conquer the obstacle course set in the area.

“With elite athletes competing all over the world, this is our most challenging OCR to date. We trained hard because the mental and physical demand that this race requires is different,” explained Ong.

Aside from the obstacles, the cold -5°C temperature also added to the challenge. “I was at the Spartan World Champions last year for the group category, and it was tough. But this time, it was tougher with the cold temperature adding to the challenge,” said Castillo.

Preparations for the World Champions

Ong and Castillo needed to level up their preparations for the championships, with intense training, weight lifting, leg strengthening for climbs, and practicing obstacles so that their body and mind can endure the terrain and challenges during the Spartan race.

Ken Tan, who is also the coach of the country’s national OCR team, helped them in preparing for the race.

“Aside from physical training, we also have to consider the proper diet. We also take supplements, like the Santé Boost Coffee with Tongkat-ali, which helped us increase our overall energy and metabolism, as well as to enhance our physical performance and increase muscle strength,” said Ong.

The OCR athletes both consider their Spartan World Championship journey as a huge achievement. With them, as they finished the course, is another milestone for their athletic careers, a proud accomplishment for the Sante Barley OCR Team, and for the country, as well.

“As members of the Sante Barley OCR team, we are proud to represent the Philippines and, to qualify for such competition feels like an achievement already,” added Castillo.

Ong and Castillo are among the members of Santé Barley OCR Team, which is the second sports team under the brand with Santé Barley Tri-team being the first, founded seven years ago.

To know more about Santé, visit their website at You may also visit the Santé Barley OCR’s official Facebook page at @SanteBarleyOCRTeam.