In Focus: Soleil Marula Facial Oil with Barley Extract

Experts note that the earliest signs of aging usually manifest themselves in the mid- to late 20s. Poor lifestyle such as consumption of unhealthy food and long and frequent exposure to the sun, pollution, and smoke help accelerate the aging process, making the skin look dull and lifeless and leading to the early appearance of wrinkles, to cite a few.

The body ages naturally but skin aging can be slowed down with proper personal care and self-discipline. Eating well-balanced diet, drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water per day, and getting seven to eight hours of sleep can do wonders for your skin.

There is an avalanche of skincare products available in the market today to help maintain a glowing and soft skin. Choosing the right products, however, can be tricky and requires careful consumer discernment as some of them contain ingredients that may cause harm to the skin.

The Santé Barley Soleil Marula Facial Oil with Barley Extract was launched to help both men and women 25 years old and above achieve younger-looking, glowing, and radiant skin.

Soleil was born after Santé International saw the potential of marula facial oil through one of its business owners. Santé International has brought the facial oil to a whole new level, adding other natural ingredients to ensure the best results.

The all‐natural, highly nutritious, and light-textured anti-aging oil delays the signs of aging by helping reduce the appearance of fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, and wrinkles to attain a youthful glow.

The naturally soothing and fast‐absorbing Santé Barley facial oil is formulated with marula oil to help build collagen and enhance skin health; barley extract to improve skin vitality and glow; and lavender to achieve that soothing scent.

Soleil is applied as regular moisturizer twice a day – every morning and evening – depending on the skin type.

Soleil Marula Facial Oil with Barley Extract is available in convenient packs of 30 ml priced at P1,950 each.

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Soleil Marula Facial Oil